Friday, February 1, 2013

A Journey That's so Creative!

It has been quite an interesting journey of our most-liked, regularly-read, and readers fave, 'Women at their Creative Best' Series. And why not? After all, the series talks about amazing women, who are doing exactly what they want, and that's what ALLLWHATSHEWANTS is all about.

So, by now you must be wondering who is it that we are gonna talk about in the next few paras. We had been contemplating on introducing  Women Authors in our beautiful series for quite some time. But we were looking for someone who as a woman, would like to connect with other women, via her writings, and that to with a woman as her protagonist. Well, the search came to an end the day we met Sreemoyee Piu Kundu!! 
Faraway Music Author Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Ok, first thing first! Piu Kundu has penned down a beautiful novel named "Faraway Music", which is now out in market for you to read, and connect with. Brought out by Hachette India, the novel is a debut book by Kundu. Why are we mentioning her Publisher? For a simple reason, her Editor Nandita Aggarwal from this Publishing group is a woman too!
Coming to what Faraway Music is all about, we decided to chat with the lovely author over a cuppa (she loves hot chocolate), one sunny afternoon in the capital. " My novel is a story of a well-known writer, named Piya Choudhury, who is heading back to India from New York, to launch her next book 'Faraway Music'. While the book is an autobiography of my protagonist, there are important men characters in the book who have played a vital role in the life of Piya. In fact, the novel starts with men characters like Sumaya Atif, a Pakastani journalist who accompanies her during her flight from New York, back to India, and to whom Piya unveils her story. Then there Abir, an important character, is her Editor with whom she falls in love with. And, there is David Cicconi, an Australian artist who she marries. There is a lot of twist, amid the characters, between the lines, and of course throughout the journey of Faraway Music. But, to sum it up in one single line, I would say that Piya's journey and life is something with which any women can easily relate to. When you will read my novel, you will feel it's your own story somewhere, in Piya's journey," narrated Kundu.
Faraway Music Book Cover

Hmm, quite an interesting summary! But then, like any curious reader, we asked her the same question, "Is Piya Piu?' Don't keep guessing, here is what she said. " Not exactly, but in bits and pieces I can say," she said. You want to know how? Piu Kundu, who hails from Kolkata, herself has been a journalist, has seen the cut-throat competition of journalistic world, and is now a part of writing world. All this sounds quite similar to Piya's world, but probably you can get the answer only when you will read Faraway Music. Like you, even we have to understand her world, since we too haven't got a chance yet to read what she penned down, whole-heartedly, we must say!
During the discussion we also asked her about the writing trends these days, and what women readers exactly want to read. " There is no doubt that there is serious decline in reading, and because erotica being in trend, most authors are writing on the erotic concepts. Although, my next novel also is quite erotic, but being a woman I know the aesthetics and subtlety in erotic form of writing. I can't imagine 'Fifty Shades of Grey', and don't feel that women can find a connect with something like that, especially women in India," said Kundu.
Well, whatever is your interest, erotica,  or Faraway Music, at least with Piu Kundu you can be sure that what you are reading is actually what your want to read and connect with.

Happy reading...of course, Faraway Music!
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