Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Click & Shop Fashion

When a woman's weekdays go busy with work in office, and weekends going all packed in home affairs, kiddos homework, or some family and friends get-together, one can easily imagine that her one fave thing, which is shopping sometimes goes sidelined. But, thanks to all these budding online shopping portals who are trying to make a woman's like a hell lot easier!

We thought to talk about e-shopping brands that offer an array of sizes, especially relevant to an Indian woman, and also they offer both party to ethnic, whether accessories, or dresses. Take a look!
A Perfect Spring Wear

To begin with let's talk about Shopninteen. Quite an interesting e-shopping platform for the younger lot, who is always on a look for great styles, beautiful fits, and some mesmerizing colour combinations. since the brand already has an export background, they make sure to follow the international trends for both accessories and dresses. The brand's USP is mainly dresses (as you can see in the pic), interesting play of fabrics, and of course variety. The moment you scroll their portal, you get to see variations, and varieties. Additional. the portal takes care of your pocket very well, along with the occasion for which you need a dress. The feel of each and every dress is very international, particularly, the cuts. and, since colour-blocking in the big in-trend these days, you will get to see this style here and there, which is actually subtle, and elegant.

we have already used so many adjectives for the brand that by now you might be thinking, 'is this a promotional feature?' Of course not, it's just that we want you to click the right e-commerce web address, as we are well aware of the fact how precious time is for women!
Black & Beautiful

Shifting our focus now to an address that is fairly new in this business, but certainly has a great variety to offer. We are talking about Begin101. Yes, the name itself is quite interesting, and even the product as well that they are offering. Particularly known for the ethnic stuff, the portal also has some nice variety of Dresses. But, what we liked about the portal is the sizes that they have. Come whatever size you are, the portal is surely not going to disappoint you, and this was assured by Kartik Sapra, the Owner of Begin101. " We know that women in India are looking for sizes, especially those who are on the heavier side," said Sapra.

While the portal is still at a very nascent stage to comment on how is it going, as it got launched in December last year, so it's still picking up, and has a long way to go.

But for our readers, there is no doubt that you have one more web address to hit your search engine with, while you are at your work station, engaged with your office work. Such Fashion intervals are definitely a sheer delight! Right?



  1. You need to examine the fabric. Karen Millen Dresses meant for special occasions are often made from cotton, silk, brocade or linen. Nonetheless, the kind of fabric that the Karen Millen dress must have should be one that's ideal for the time and period when you'll wear clothes. This means that dresses produced from thick fabrics should end up being worn for colder several weeks and dresses with slim fabrics are for springtime and summer.

  2. Thanks Suan for your feedback!

    However, these are India-based Portals, and we believe that they are using fabrics that are relevant for the Indian weather, like chiffon or Georgette, or even Cotton.
    Also, also this is Spring and summer time in India!

    Do visit the Websites please, and would request you to join our Women -only Club... Allwhatshewants!!

    Team Editorial


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