Friday, February 8, 2013

Cool Gadget for Your Kitchen

While our V-Day series is still going, but we know that your entire day can't be all about just reading what's new for this Valentine's day. So, we thought of introducing to you some quite interesting, and innovative new launches that are especially good for any Indian audience.
As we all know that in our country there are lot of such states that face a major electricity crisis, and it directly affects our day today routine and requirement. The most important particularly for women is how to keep the kitchen stuff, like cooked items well preserved when there is no current, and your fridge keeps going on and off. Well, now you need not to worry even if there is no current for good 7 hours. How? LG has launched Power cut Evercool Refrigerators that would maintain the freshness, minus electricity.

Sounds exciting, isn't it? The brand has actually caught the nerve of a typical Indian consumer, who is facing a daily challenge of electricity crisis, especially in the coming summer season, when even the major metros have a serious power cut, so coming out with a product that is particularly customized to meet practical needs is no doubt a wonderful thing.

Now, coming to what this fridge does. Power Cut Evercool Refrigerators retains freshness and keeps food and vegetables fresh for 7 hours in refrigerator even after power cut.

Soon Kwon, Managing Director, LG Electronics India during the launch in the capital said, “With 2013 we are back with a bang introducing this new technology keeping in consideration the Indian weather conditions, and requirement. This unique LG patented technology offers cooling retention up to 7 hours to keep food fresh and healthy. It also has a unique GIDC technology that fights bacteria, eliminates bad odour, slows decaying and maintain even temperature inside the refrigerator. The range is energy efficient saves up to 20% energy."

Wow, how cool is that! Let's see the main features of  this "a woman's must-have in her kitchen". Other than 7 hours in the fridge, the freezer portion has 9 hours of duration. the product comes with a 10 years warranty on compressor, and is equipped with organised space management like convertible box, salad bar, spice box, beauty and care box, just to name a few.

Fact file:
It is available in the capacity of 258L to 360L in the price range of 27350/- to 41300/- and 4 models of Direct Cool Refrigerators in the capacity of 185L to 235L price range of 12850/- 18550/-

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