Tuesday, February 19, 2013

E-Mall for Design Connoisseurs

We love to feature women who are so involved into creativity, and that's why our 'Women at their Creative Best' series is so much liked by our readers as well. Yes, we have another interesting entrepreneur in this chain. Meet Surbhi Gupta Tanga, Director DesignEmporia.in!

"I always wanted to be part of Style world."
Surbhi Gupta Tanga

Now, you might want to ask, is she a designer? Is she an artist? Well, of course not, but she is a woman who has created a platform to bring all the like-minded creative people under one roof, just to show the world that India has some wonderful designers, and you can get to see their work, get to contact them directly, at DesignEmporia. Still not getting? Read this...
" DesignEmporia is an E-commerce portal that offers Indian designer stuff under one roof. It's like an E-mall, where each designer has her own store, they can upload their collection, can keep a check on what's sold, what's ordered, what's out of stock, etc. No doubt, it's first of it's kind in India, and my purpose is only to showcase the Indian talent to global market," says Tanga.

That definitely sounds fun! We found quite interesting things at her office where we reach to do this shoot. Now, before we talk more about what's available on this portal, it's important to know a brief background of Tanga, else as a reader you might wonder how is she into creativity?
Designer Stuff at Design Emporia!

Well, Tanga herself is an Architect by academics, and belongs to the family that runs a successful venture in RO (water purifier) named- KENT RO.
While she could have simply continued working with her father, she decided to follow her dream.
Tanga showing One of her Designer's (Urvashi Kaur) Collection!
" I had worked on various projects earlier in terns of interiors, but during my brother wedding when we were trying to find some interesting designer stuff for his home decor, we just couldn't find anything interesting in the market, that's when I  felt that it's better to have all the designers under one roof," adds Tanga.

Sure, she was right, as many busy women face this problem of finding a good stuff, at a decent price point, especially when they go out for shopping on weekends. and, most of the time, you end up spoiling your precious weekend buying nothing.
Tanga call her venture as a place
where 'design connoisseurs go for shopping'.

Interesting Designer Bags...

Now, coming to what kind of designer you will find in this E-mall. The whole purpose of the portal is to give chance to budding designers, but they do have established designers as well. From established designers like Kavita Bhartiya, Urvashi Kaur, Nida Mehmood, Satya Paul, to young turks like Gauri Verma, Amita Kanwar, Nikhaar Budhiraj, Rohan Arora, just to name a few. 

What We Liked: The portal has everything for a busy woman, to shop in one go. From decor, to fashion, to kids, to furniture, to accessories, you will find everything for your creative cravings.

Time to Google DesignEmporia ladies!!

NOTE: An Exclusive VIDEO on this Entrepreneur will be out soon! Keep watching our side bars....

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