Thursday, February 21, 2013

Extra Virgin, Secret to Healthy Life

Our title might surprise you, what virginity are we talking about here, and that to extra virgin? Well, no need to think weirdo, we are definitely talking about Olive oils here... Extra Virgin only!

Oil That's so Healthy!
Extra Virgin Olive Oil has 0.8 % Acidity Level...
Exactly What Your Health Needs
'OliveItUp' was a 3-year-long campaign that was running in India, just to create awareness for European origin Extra Virgin Olive Oils, precisely from Italy. That recently came to it's end in the capital, and on that occasion we got to find some really interesting facts about not just the importance of olive oils, but also about this entire campaign. And, best thing about the event was the Olive oil Tasting Session, wherein we tasted 4 different types of Extra Virgin olive oils. Coming to first thing first, lets just discuss about how an extra virgin olive oil is different from any other olive oil, and also normal edible oils that an average Indian woman uses in her cooking. " There is a huge difference in olive oils and extra virgin one. the later one you get in the purest form with no refining, and therefore no chemicals. It is almost like crude oil. It is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin E & K, and also oleic acid. Just one tablespoon full of oil is sufficient to cook any veggie for a family of two, " said Nutritionist Geetu Amarnani, who was associated with this project.
That's really a great thing about this oil. Let's come to other olive oil varieties that we get to see in Indian market. " there is no doubt that the market today is flooded with number of olive oil brand, and different qualities. But, we are here to create awareness for Extra Virgin. You have pomace, pomodoro, also other oils that we have been using like Sunflower, mustard, groundnut, but extra virgin oil has different key features that can't be compared to any other oils," said Keith Sunderlal, from The SCS Group.
And, as we mentioned about the tasting session of these extra virgin olive oils, it was a very interesting know-how.

This was the first of it's kind tasting that we had ever attended
All the Flavours of Extra Virgin Oil 
are Perfect for Any Style of Indian Cooking! 

We were given 4 different samples of variety of these oils, and were asked to taste each one. You might wonder, if it is like a wine tasting style? Of course not!
Here, you take a small sip of oil, roll your tongue around, feel the flavours, and spit it. We will be candid here to say that we could not much differentiate unlike Luigi Cariato, the Italian expert & journalist, who was tasting the same with us. the tastes, in general varied from sweet to bitter, stronger aromas to some subtle flavours. But, what we realized is that Extra Virgin certainly stands apart. So, if you had just been using it for your skin massage, better shift that beautiful green bottle to your kitchen's shelf ASAP!

Fact file: 
Oliveitup, was the initiative launched by the Consortium of Guarantee of Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVC), for promoting premium European olive oil in Indian market.

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