Friday, February 8, 2013

For Bed-time Fun...

Don't get us wrong with the title of this feature. We are just bringing to you yet another cool stuff in our V-Day Celebration series... and, this time it is more relevant for all those who are planning to spend some special time with their partner!

Sheets & Quilts by Spaces
Well, even our exclusive Valentine day special Poll (in left bar) is also indicating that most of you are planning to spend your special day with your spouse over a nice dinner. But, this one is even more fascinating  It's about the cozy time in your quilts and shoots, and Home & Beyonds is taking care of it. How? Take a look!
Why to deny the fact that for those special and intimate moments, you need some fun-looking furnishings too for your bed. and, that what the brand is trying to express via this beautiful V-day collection.

The brand has actually realized that today women are super busy, there is no time for a relaxed candlelit dinner spending hours simply chatting, looking into each other's eyes. so, they want you relax post your nice dinner, and cuddle up in your couch, or on your bed, and spend some quality time with your partner.

Now, what's the big deal about this collection  that's the next question that's ready to pop up. It's a simple yet smart way to gift your loved one with chic and classy style of decor item that is in pure Cotton, and will make you slip in a sound soon in time (depends when are you done with your acts).

Why we are featuring it? We liked the collection for a simple reason, it is considering the occasion and the season both, and secondly, the colour combinations are really nice and subtle, no single hue is screaming, which clearly indicates that it has take the special occasion into account, and not just any routine quilts or sheets that you change just for the heck of changing.
So, women whether you are spending some special time with your partner nor not, you certainly deserve a sound sleep on some special quilt!

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