Monday, February 4, 2013

For a Sweet Dining Experience

Back to a busy Monday? But, not to worry, as we are here to add a sweet little note to your day. How? Well, rather we talking and narrating the story, why not you yourself take a look.
Meet Bharati Sanghi from the capital, in our "Women at Their Creative Best" series.

Pista Ingredient Sweet, with Modern Icing!
Kolkata's Sandesh with a nice Topping of Gond!
This yum-looking picture must have given you a slight hint by now that we are talking about a woman, who has some connection with sweets. Yes, you guessed right! Bharati Sanghi, is a food expert, especially, in traditional Indian sweets, and by adding a modern touch, tweaking the ingredients, and twisting the presentation, Sanghi makes these sweets a fine dining experience, rather than just a packaged sweet that's gifted to dear ones during Holi-Diwali!

To understand more about her creative skills, and of course to try some tempting sweets, we landed at her beautiful bungalow one morning. And, to our surprise, the sweets were all prepared, just to get clicked, and to try later.
These sweets right in front of us were looking different from the traditional sweets that we have been eating or seeing during Indian festivals. And, so we decided to interact with her. " Well, they are the same sweets but I have actually played with them. From presentation, to the ingredients, to the flavours, and of course even to the way it is served, I have modernized them in all aspects. Why would be your next question, and I would say that Indian sweets are simply amazing, but they have been usually been kept in the cardboard boxes, and not like any other international dessert that is served right on the dining table. We have been eating our very own sweets from those boxes only. and, so I thought let's play with them,' said Sanghi.
Rajasthan Special  Chandrakala
This logic was quite simple and totally relevant. As a matter of fact, laddus or barfis have always been eaten like that.
Her first sweet that we tried was Kolkata's famous Sandesh, but we were so surprised to see it being served in a bawl. Why? Sanghi had added a very interesting topping to it, which was made of Gond (gond ke laddu, you remember?). It was simply delicious, and healthy because of Gond!
Then, we tried the Pista dishes (see the last pic) like Tart and sweet with icing. Loaded with pista, and dried milk, the sweet was a sheer delight.
Chenna Pista Apple...  Simply Yum!!

During the clicks and trials we asked Sanghi about her business. "I have been doing thing for past few years, and have manufacturing units as well from where we deliver the bulk orders, like weddings, or celebrations. We work under the brand name Life, which is not just about sweets but also has healthy drinks that are sugar-free, and healthy food options. I have experimented with the basic ingredients like a Chapatti that has a year-long life. Also, Indian parathas that don't come under the category of frozen food yet last for a year. It's actually the packaging, which is similar to NASA's food packs," told Sanghi.
Pista Barfi stuff Tart
Bharati Sanghi
Interesting to know that even the traditional sweets can be modernized in such creative ways. Her creativity is also into doing innovative research by using food technology to create gravy veggies, and dals, again with a shelf life of a year. Also, some of her drinks are diabetic friendly.

Fact File: 
Some of her signatures are the Peach Chocolate Sandesh, and the Chenna Pista Apple. Also, pista cake and the pista and almond tartlets.

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