Saturday, February 9, 2013

For Your Dining Plans... V-Day Celebration Series!

So, post eating all those chocolates this morning, and enjoying the Chocolate Day, we are sure that you too are back like us to have some more fun. And, why not? It's a weekend when you will be making plans for a nice dining out on your Special day.
Urban Cuisine at Eggspecation

We are simply here to help you. check out this place called Eggspecation, a 24X7 Resto Cafe, in Jaypee Vasant Continental in the capital. We recently reviewed their all new menu named Urban Cuisine, and believe us or not but we loved it in one go!
We reached this place one afternoon this month, and realized that the new menu was launched that day only. And guess who was their for the interactions? CEO,  Enzo Renda, Eggspectation himself, who had come all the way from Canada, just to make all the Chef feel this new cuisine.

The Cafe Interiors

And, we started with a nice hot pumpkin soup that had a nice flavour of thick cream (we were served a little bit more cream, but Enzo noticed that quickly, and got a fresh one). We started chatting with Enzo who told is that years back they had realized that it's the Women audience that is the deciding factor at home, to select which fine dining place should the couple go for. 
Cool! Soon, the senior Chef Bansal started serving Urban dishes one after the other. 
Veg-rice wraps, to seekh dog to masala mac-n-cheese, God know what all. Let us understand first what is this cuisine all about. Well, it is all about local street food like Mexican, American, Italian, and Canadian, with a modern twist, and served with all the aesthetics of F&B! It is all about enjoying street food, served creatively. 
the hotel is actually running a festival of this food this month. 
What we Liked: Literally, everything! From portions, to taste, to the way it's presented, to the way it has been experimented, we liked every bit of it.

What We Recommend: You must enjoy this cuisine with your partner during your special day. If not, you can still enjoy this with your gang of girls...

And yes, don't forget to try their yum Desserts... they are absolutely Chocolaty!!

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