Monday, February 18, 2013

From Rosy to Rustic... a Beautiful Journey!

We know that we kept our dear readers waiting for quite some time this week, for new features, but sometimes sudden travels are unavoidable, and we had to be out for a while!!
Never mind, we are back now, with yet another beautiful add-on to our "Women at Their Creative Best" series. Women have an itchy foot (don't go by old-wives tale), and they simply can't keep doing what they are doing, till the time it brings their creative side up. And, you would agree to what we are trying to say here, when you will read about Merlin Francis, and Avantika Heblikar, Co-founders of Rustic Motifs!

Your Decor Must-Have
Takes Two to a Tango...
& They Prove it With Elan!!
Yes, itchy foot, (we are giving an all new definition to some age-old idioms) that's what Francis and Heblikar had when they were busy with their easy-going jobs, into Public Relation, corporate, and journalism (Francis). A sound salary, 9 to 5 timings, and 5-day working, what else does a women need to enjoy both her career, and family. Life was rosy, life was smooth, but it was equally boring, as there was no creative side to this career.
Then, came a phase that demanded a re-thinking about this career, for both of them. Heblikar and Francis were working in the same PR firm in Bengaluru, but former took a break to be on family way. While the later one already had a child,
How about a Cuppa From a Hand Painted  TeaPot?
she wanted to do something different by now. She already had been into journalism, into her own PR agency, and also corporate, had seen the world and understood the business angles too. When Heblikar wanted to get back to her profession, post her mommy-hood, she joined the same firm where Francis was already working. And, this was exactly the time when both started conceptualizing the idea that they had been discussing for years now. " We both were like-minded, and realized that there has to be something creative in life, than a 9 to 5 job. There has to be something that gives satisfaction. Although, we both knew that it won't be easy, as its really difficult to see your salary cheque not coming to you every month," said both.
Banana and Hibiscus Fibre Runners
Now, why Rustic Motifs? " We thought for a while, what is it that we want to do, and zeroed in on the crafts of particular states that we knew people would like in one go. Then, came the phase of travel. Visiting small places where artisans are doing some different work, convincing them to work with us, making them understand what we are looking for, and not spoiling their creativity during all this," added Francis, who basically looks after the core business & promotion. Heblikar too looks after the business along with designs, and its her garage at her home that's their ware-house cum store too!
" Rustic Motifs is all about the Indian craftsmanship, offered to people who actually have a taste for it. We don't wan't to do business just for the sake of business, but we have given up our jobs just to enjoy the art, and want our buyers to enjoy it equally. Every piece that you buy from us has a story behind, and that you get to read on the note along with the product. It tells you about the artisan  and the place from where it is," said Heblikar.
Digging Dog, Grecian Urn in Terracotta

Isn't this cool? We now know how the brand started, but what you get at Rustic Motifs is important to know. Well, looking at the pictures, we are sure that you mus have guessed. Yes, you are right! They have all the creative items that you can think of - from decor accessories, to kids, to garden basics, to furnishing to furniture (soon to-be introduced), they have everything for your home sweet home!

What We Liked: The brand certainly falls in niche category, and the hard work of these young entrepreneurs is absolutely visible. Also, we likes the fact that they want their items to be part of your lives, not to be just a decor at some corner of your cozy abode!
Also, the brand is now available at various multi-brand stores in south India...

Remember the name... Rustic Motifs, and get hitched with Creative India!!

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