Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ganjam Style!

Don't wonder with the title of this feature, we are not suggesting any new dance form here. But, it is the new collection from this jewellery brand, named Ganjam that we are talking about!
Women, and their love for jewellery, well that's nothing new to share or talk about. But, when the month is special, and V-day is approaching, you may like to know what's new in jewellery, which your man can actually get for you this month. Believe us, this collection is surely not going to disappoint you. After all, it's Diamonds once again, but on Platinum, and with a little tweak and twist. Check out Riverdance by Ganjam!!

A Few Facts:
This collection by Ganjam was created a few years back as well, by the same name Riverdance. Probably, this is in the same series that the brand launched then, but now, may be in a more innovative form!!

Just by looking at the pictures one can make out the beauty, and craftsmanship behind each piece. And, as the name says, the design and the style is an inspiration from a river. The wavy shapes, the sparkling stones, here and there, the entangled styles, all indicate the design aesthetics. While the exquisite beauty is so clear, we wanted to know more about the trends, and how is this collection to the women today, especially when she is a busy woman. " Unlike fashion, jewellery is not about designs that are in these days, or designs that are passe now. Jewellery is always concept driven, we simply watch the purchasing behaviour of women, and accordingly come up with a concept, which we believe will be accepted and liked. Like Riverdace collection is all about delicacy, femininity  and softness. Like a river, each piece has wavy patterns, diamonds studded in between, and some other colourful stones like Tourmalline, or Aquamarine, which have resemblance to the colour of water. Also, if you look at the collection, there are some that can easily be worn at your work place, and there are some that are meant for occasions," said Arunima Bhaumik, Design Head, Ganjam.

True, as Riverdance has something to offer to anyone who wants a bit of style like any international design, in her jewellery box. The range includes necklace sets, pendant sets, earrings, rings and wrist wear.

We strongly recommend to have ear-studs,  or a bracelet, as that's something that you can easily carry with any of your workplace attire. Lastly, don't forget to remember that the products range from 50cts going up to 28cts for the larger necklaces.

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