Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hairdo's That Reveal History!

Women have always inspired the world. Sometimes with their achievements, sometimes with their sheer styles. but there are some who have inspired for both. and, that's perhaps the concept behind this interesting  Retro Nouveau Color Collection 2013 by L’Oreal Professionnel!
Twiggy Lawson Inspired Looks

This French giant has conceptualized quite innovative and beautiful hair styles that draw the inspiration from the golden fashion eras- 50's and 60's, and particularly from fashion divas Elizabeth Taylor, Twiggy Lawson and Brigitte Bardot. The colour collection is purely inspired by these three beauties. And, when we say Retro, of course that's the new fashion and hair style statement. and, we just thought to introduce the same before you take your next salon appointment.
Liz Taylor Look 1
Liz Taylor Look 2
Now, we come to who created these styles? Well, it is called the brand's Dream Team! While the inspiration is purely Hollywood inspired, the cuts, colours, and styles have total Indian touch. It is like 'Made for Indian Women' collection.
How? Let's get the stylists take on this. " We took the idea of the famous curly do for Liz and modernized it by adding a lot more lighter, brushed out curls. For Bardot, our new take on the classic bouffant was to add texture to the rest of the hair enhanced with the shadow illusion technique which helped create separation and lightness within the style. The color can be recreated at a professional salon, where as the styles can be adapted and worn in multiple ways. We used a new colour technique called the Shadow Illusion, which is used brings out multiple hues and gradation in the hair color moving from a dark base to lighter ends. It also captures the bright and deep colors that are in vogue this season and best suited for the Indian skin palette, " said hair experts Dhruv Abhichandani and Vipul Chudasama of Dream Team.
Brigette Bargot Look

Although, we couldn't connect to Aseem Kaushik, Director Professional Products, Loreal India but this is what he said during the event that recently happened in Mumbai.  " The ‘Retro Nouveau Collection’ is the contemporary twist to retro fashion. The 50’s -60’s were a glorious period that gave us icons whose fashion statements are relevant even today. We reworked and interpreted it. It has both an artistic palette for the hairstylist to work with as well as glamorous but wearable looks for the women."

What are you thinking? It's time to get some stylish hairdo, something that you have been thinking about but just couldn't find the right look. Well, you can trust L'Oreal experts, particularly their colours (INOA) as Editorial has tried and tested it... It simply stays with you forever!!

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  1. This is a super rendition of Retro Nouveau... Loreal is just too good to do something like this in our country.


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