Thursday, February 28, 2013

Stay Fit, Fearlessly!!

Fitness is never the main agenda in a super-busy woman's life. Does that mean that she is not a fitness-freak? Contrary, she certainly is! But, there are lots of things that a woman tends to consider when she finally decides to hit a gym. Probably, that's what Vivafit, a Portuguese chain of gym observed, and decided to come out with a gym that is 'Women-Only'! 

Well, this actually sounds so good, a women only gym, a gym that doesn't allow men, a gym that is caters to the needs of women, and only women. We decided to speak to Beetha Raman, who is the Master Franchise of Vivafit in South India, and she recently inaugurated their B'Lore chain, to know more about this Women-only concept. " We actually did a survey before starting this concept, and the results were quite surprising and shocking too. Many women, even if they are going to a gym that's unisex have a fear that while changing someone might just enter, and with this fear in mind most of them avoid going to the changing room. Secondly, most of then come to a gym dressed in a very conscious way, as they are more concerned with how their attire is shifting while exercising that the exercise itself. they are worried for their necklines, the T-shirt hemlines, etc, and therefore, they prefer wearing loose dresses, something that even though they are comfortable, but still wear it. And, then there are many who only out of such concerns avoid even to become a member of any gym. They rather prefer going for a jog, or morning brisk walks, " says Raman.
We must say that's it's a very acute observation, as it certainly stands true for a lot of Indian women.

" With our gym being Women-only, we know that now women don't have to worry about plunging necklines, they can exercise with ease. No tension of changing room, peeping eyes, or even how their body is moving. Also, there are certain things about our gym that actually make it unique as well. Like, we have no such fitness equipments, or machines that run on electricity, not even a tread-mill. We have machines that target particular areas that need care and fitness both. Secondly, we have no mirrors in the gym other than the changing room. This actually helps women to concentrate on the exercise, than how the other lady is looking, or how much has she lost," adds Raman.

Beetha Raman, Master franchise,
South India
We found all this really interesting. And, why not? After all, this is what me a woman would always want. A sense of comfort, a sense of freedom, and above all a sense of security.
Additional, the place has an 'Apple Wall', which is dedicated to women who score best results in terms of fitness. This means, that the others will get inspired looking at that wall. That's so typical of women, isn't it?

Fact file:

Established in 2003, this gym was created for women of all ages to help them achieve a better lifestyle through fitness. Their core-fitness module is the 30-minutes circuit express workout, which is a combination of resistance training and high intensity aerobics, which is easy-to-follow and targets strength building as well as muscular endurance. Circuit involves multiple exercises on all the body parts and it is repeated in a cycle with little rest in between exertions. It increases the amount of oxygen consumed post exercise, and increases the body’s ability to burn calories even after hours of working out.

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