Friday, February 22, 2013

Toys to Beautify Your Skin

Surprised? How can toys make your skin look beautiful? Don't worry, we are not taking you to kiddos world of play-toys, but to the world of absolute beauty! Check out the latest launch of Colorbar beauty tools, rather toys (as the brand says) that are perfect for a woman on go!
Make up Brushes... Adding Colours to Your Life!

Eye-lash Curler With an Extra Space for a Finger 
Plus, a Perfect Angle While Curling!
When was the last time you saw so many vibrant colours in beauty accessories? We are damn sure that the answer would be never! If not, hit your search engine with words like 'beauty accessories', 'beauty tools' and the results that you get to witness are browns, beige, blacks & whites... but definitely not colours. So, it's certainly a delight to have colours in tools other than your regular makeup products.
Now, the next thing that's important to know is the variety offered by this brand. Huge, to sum up! From Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, Blush Brush, Contouring Brush, Lip Brush, Eye-shadow Brush, Eye Smudger Brush, Eye Definer Brush, Eye Blending Brush... huff, you have everything.
Range of Products From Colorbar Latest Collection
What we personally liked was the Smudger brush, so very smooth and round, excellent for your kohl smudging. The shape actually helps you keep the strokes in control, leaving no messiness around your eyes.

Nail Buffers... For Quick Shine
Foundation Sponges, Squarish & Colourful
Not just the brushes, the brand has come out with some quick fixes as well. Nail buffer, for example. All set to leave for a party? Quickly rub it on your nails, and feel the shine in just a few seconds. We tried, and we loved it. The colour side gives a matte finish, while the reverse adds shine!

Why We Recommend:
First, for it's colours, and it's sheer beauty. Secondly, for their utility features. They are absolutely easy-to-carry products, quick in action, and implement to your command in seconds. Finally, the packaging it just perfecto!!

Product Range:
The range includes 21 products that are created for easy and fast makeup application. The makeup tools in the range include brushes, cute triangle and square foundation sponges, eyelash curler, chic brow tools and  manicure and pedicure kits.
Price Range: Rs. 175 to Rs. 500

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