Thursday, February 7, 2013

V-Day Celebration Series...

Like last year, we are once again back with our exclusive Valentine Day Celebration series called 'V-Day Celebration'. And, what could have been the best day of starting this series than today, which is Rose Day!
Yes, not many of you out there are aware that today is a special day, and to make it even more special, there are are some brands that have gone a step ahead, and have introduced Special Rose Collection, but not the natural ones that bloom on rose plants, but these are made in Gold and Silver!
No More Pink... Golden & Silver Rose

Delhi-based Beliram Silver probably seems to have realized that celebrations are no more about the archaic ways, but are all about unusual ways to make your special one feel truly special! And, that's the reason they have brought out a collection of natural roses coated in real silver and gold .The stunning collection of sparkling silver & shimmering gold roses is sure to impress your loved one with a lasting wow.

Now, we are sure you must have felt relaxed as they are not made in soild gold and silver, but it's just the coating that would cost you a little much, than any normal natural rose. But, then it's a big occasion, and for someone who is close to your heart too. And also as a matter of fact for many women who have recently started enjoying such occasions, a valentine’s day without roses will probably be unimaginable for them.
But, this brand has made this easier and fancier too!
Here’s a unique way to woo your loved one with the humble rose going trendy & precious in its

How Are they Made?
The roses are first handpicked in their prime, dried and preserved from fading away. Each rose is then delicately handcrafted to preserve the intricate details of the leaves and petals. Going through a meticulous process the roses are fortified with wax, dipped in copper and finally electro foamed in silver, or gold to create such alluring affect.

Time to turn your V-day moments golden-silver!

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