Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Day Poll Result

Dear Readers

As you all know that we were running an interesting Poll on Allwhatshewants, regarding Valentine Day Celebration, and how all you women out there are planning to celebrate it?
Here is the Result:

- 5 out on 10 Women are gonna have a nice Dinner with their Spouse tonight!
- 5 out of 10 women feel that it's going to be Work, as usual!
- 3 out of 10 are going to have a pampering Spa Session today!
- 1 out of 10 women is going to have ME time with her Girl gang!
- 1 out of 10 women is celebrating this day have fun with Family!

Wow! Quite an interesting preferences, we must say! Thanks to all of you who participated in this Poll, and made it a success.

We only intend to connect with women to women, and make them aware that there is a different world all-together other than the world that keeps them on their toes. And, that's their own world... take care of the 'you' in you!

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