Depicting Women’s Strength, Via Art!

Last week was quite a happening week, for the simple reason… it had a special occasion – International Women’s Day. And, we are now bringing to you the glimpses of all the creative events that we attended during that week.
Starting with this interesting Art exhibition, named  ‘SHAKTI”- The Strokes of Feminity’, wherein different artists from the capital depicted the domineering side of women via their paintings. with venue being DLF Promenade, and curator Radhika Shrinagesh, the event had Vani Tripathi, National Gen secretary, BJP, as a special guest. 

We found the work interesting not only because it was a novel concept, but the whole idea of bringing the positive side of a woman’s personality, was admirable. Also, the participating artists experimented on various mediums like oils, acrylic on canvas, serigraphs, etchings, charcoals to name a few. We later spoke to Radhika Shrinagesh to know about her view on this concept. ” I feel that it’s a day to celebrate the strength of women, rather talk about the problems she faces in the society, world over. I think that time is over when artists were showing the plight of women, today they want to show her as someone who is a fighter, who has a tougher interior, and who knows how to fight for her rights,” said Shrinagesh.

There is no question to deny what she said. Yes, women are the pillars of our society and what better way than art to send this beautiful message. Art can express a message that even our voices can’t.
Fact File:
Radhika Shrinagesh is an artist, an art curator and an established art consultant both in India and overseas. She has successfully curated more than 60 art exhibitions, which include eminent & emerging promising artists. 
This art exhibition showcased works of artists like Kishore Roy, Sakia, Rajesh Srivastav, Niloy Sarkar, Sharad Patel, Husain Serigraph and many more. 
And lastly, the delicious bites and desserts which were served during the event were offered by L’Opera.