Thursday, March 14, 2013

Add Sheen & Strength to Your Curls

As we have already started our day on a Beauty-full note, lets now shift our focus from skincare to some superb hair care regime. Kerastase, as we all know about this brand by now, recently organized free diagnosis of skin and hair , along with an indulgence of a 30 minute ritual for women on the special day last week (do we really need to mention that special day?), at one of Geetanjali salon's in the capital!
Reception Area of the Salon 
Ashima Verma, Doing the Hair Analysis!
 Since we were invited, we decided to experience the pampering (literally) service. We met Ashima Verma, their North India Head Trainer, who shared the details of the rituals. " We all know what all things our hair go through, pollution, blow drys, lack of care just to say, and we being busy and working rarely get time event to understand what our locks are demanding. Often it is seen that what your hair need, and what your scalp need can differ to a large extent. And that's where our services play a major role. We study the scalp, examine the hair type, the thickness, and the texture, and accordingly suggest the treatment, which we call ritual," said Verma.
To understand what she said in a go was certainly difficult, till the time she did the analysis. That was like an eye opener. She had this little smart cam, which ran through the scalp, just to show a picture that no one is usually prepared for. The result was oily scalp that needed some serious attention. Later, she studied the hair type (that was still a relief), and finally designed a ritual that was going to boost some nourishment to the scalp, and help the open cuticles of the lock go smooth.
The good 60 minutes ritual was all about bath (they don't call it wash, as it's a thorough cleansing of hair), therapeutic head-massage, steam and bath.

Do we really need to tell how does it feel post the ritual? Of course, super smooth hair, cleaner scalp that is visible even with naked eyes, and oodles of confidence...
Fact File:
The brand gave away continuation samples for at-home usage to the walk-ins who went for the experiential, like us!!

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