Saturday, March 2, 2013

Asian Style Dining

Yes, we know that a weekend can never be minus some fine dining. After good five days of work, women certainly wish to dine out at a place that refreshes them, and sets them once again for Monday morning blues.
Though, we visited this beautiful restaurant quite a few days back, but somehow couldn't bring it to you. So, here is time to take a look at Red Zen, the in-house pan Asian restaurant at Courtyard by Marriott!
Red Zen Interiors

Well, looking at this interior picture itself, you can make out why it is called red. Don't worry, it's not that kinda red that you are thinking, rather a very soothing red (brownish red). Dim lit, spacious dining, and a very systematic sitting arranging at the live kitchen are a few things that you instantly notice the moment you step in.
The feel is quite modern, with very basic furniture, which is comfortable at the same. so, the in-house PR Mansi took us to a quite corner, where we in the next two hours were going to have some yum Thai, Chinese, and many other Asian dishes that one can imagine.  So, we started on a hot note, a spicy Thai hot soup was the first in our 3 course meal. As said, we reviewed this place long time back, so we would rather not mention the names of each dishes, as the place may have a few new add-ons by now, considering International Women's Day. The soup, probably Wanton it was, was soothing, and we particularly like the ginger flavour, which the Expat Chef Piyawat said was from Thailand. Quite spicy ginger it was!
Tab Tim Grob

Before our other dish that was supposed to be rice with some Thai curry was about to be served we asked the Chef about what do families look for , and he said that Thai is one food that is actually picking up. Cool, as our next dish was also going to be Thai.
Food and the portion served at this restaurant is seriously good, especially chef giving personal attention at each table, that's something really good.
Last came a very interesting sweet which was Tab Tim Grob, a very tasty cold dessert. It was a sheer delight, icy, with soft tapioca flour flavour, the dish, which is typically Thai, was the best part of this eating out, and fine dining experience.

What We Liked: chef paying attention to each and every table is certainly creditable. The 10-seater area in front of the open kitchen, is basically a noodle bar.
Fact File: The food reflects both the wet and dry cooking styles popular in Asia and the menu shows culinary influences from diverse regions of Asia including Thailand, China, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam.

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