Monday, March 18, 2013

Bollywood Inspired Fashion Show

Since your day has already started on a good note, which is Food (after all it's National Breakfast Day), let's shift our focus to some Bollywood Style. This event that marked as a tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema, was quite an interesting one as it had the Delhi socialites turned bollywood stars!
Conceptulized by by Artist Anjanna Kuthiala  and  Vandy Mehra, Director,Study by Janak, the event was hosted by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark Freddy Svane, and Mrs. Lise Frederiksen. Kuthiala as an artist has been working on bollywood themes in her paintings, she worked on a thematic fashion show with unveiling of a few paintings as well.
Mehra, added all the fun by providing their designer wardrobe to each Star on the ramp. The show witnessed some of the well-known faces from the capitals' social circuit walking the ramp, along with some entrepreneurs and sports fraternity.
We loved the look of the Ambassador's wife who was happily flaunting a sari despite being of a Danish origin.
We thought of speaking to the artist and the Director both, but they were so busy taking care of their other start clientele that we decided not to disturb them on their special day.

But we got to interact with Nafisa Ali, a diva turned activist, and this is what she had to say for the show. " I really enjoyed the show, it was a very sweet concept, it was all fun, and I loved the way it was conceptualized," summed Ali. Before the show, the paintings of Kuthiala were also unveiled.

Fact File:
Kuthiala has a long association with the film industry and has painted a number of Bollywood stars over the years, while  Mehra of Study By Janak had put together the entire show and all ensembles were designed by her.
Study by janak, the brain child of entrepreneurs Manoj and Vandy Mehra, transcended their two decade old ethnic couture label to the next level in form of SBJ.

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