Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cushy Decor for Your Living Space

Before we start with our International Women's Day Celebration series (from 6th to 8th March), we just thought to fill your weekend with some interesting Shopping must-haves. And, decor is one thing that cannot be missed,especially when the season has changes, Spring is here, so it's time for some fresh colours. Let your home sweet home bloom amid some luxury soft furnishing. Check out what Interior Park, one of the biggest luxury stores in India. 

The brand is calling it's new collection 'A Cushioned Life', which is all about accessorizing the living space with some innovative cushion covers. Obviously, the shapes are pretty much the same, squares and rectangles, but the textures are sheer delight. It is all about solid colors, particularly browns, reds etc.
The store is catering to the taste of an average working Indian woman who is looking for some relaxation once back home, in her living room. It actually matches to a bigger living space where there is enough scope of throwing cushions here and there, on a couch with a runner, or simply piling up a few colourful cushions near your centre table.

The fabrics used here range from silk, suede, and velvet. these textures are available in colours like green, red, grey, black, brown and champagne, along with some soft patterns, and some geometric shapes too.
 “Our cushions have been handpicked from the world over bringing out the best to Indian women. and, as you know that just a few cushions can add wonders to a room, even if there is no other decor accessory around to support the over all appeal. All you need is exotic cushions matching the theme of the room, or the color contrast with the furniture," said Simran Narula, MD, Interior Park when we interacted with him over a telephonic conversation.

Fact File: 
Interior Park is one of the biggies in Furniture stores in India. Located in New Delhi, the store provides unique solutions in space planning, interior designing and furniture designing.

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