Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Floral Inspiration in Fashion!

As told you this morning that last week was quite an eventful week, considering the special day that it had. And, this one that you are gonna read now, is also from the same week. Make sure to take a look at this beautiful collection, and read the next few lines very carefully. Not because we are featuring this brand, but we actually liked the entire concept of inspiration... and then depiction!
Delhi Phool Mandi Inspired Fashion!
 Bring Home Stories, one of the Delhi-based Websites, into HD videos has come up with this interesting venture called 'City Inspired Design'. As the name says, the portal will take any form, shapes, themes of the capital as an inspiration, and then will use the same to convey a beautiful story  via style mediums. And all this is not only experiences but collectibles that one can bring home!
The Floral Cuffs Adding to the
Overall Beauty

And, look what has been the first fantastic theme for this website? the capital's very own 'Phool Mandi' known for some of the most exotic flowers, and the amount in which they are available. They have made some interesting video at the mandi itself, which we saw during the launch event last week.

Now, coming to what they have come out with using this as a theme, believe us there is a huge variety of products that have absorbed the inspiration int he most stunning way. Like cushions, jammas, waistcoats, lamps and art-works, just to name a few. Well, these are just the pieces that we are talking about. But the story doesn't end here. what's most important to know is the detailing on these products, the textures that they have experimented with. The use of sheer silks and cottons for jammas and waistcoats is absolutely visible. The theme has literally trickled down to motifs, pattern, digital printings, and a lot more.  Additional, there is subtle embroidery, and techniques like flocking is here and there! We interacted with Sapna Bhatia who heads BHS during the event, and she really seemed excited about this innovative concept.

Fact file:
The Designs of the ‘City Inspired Design’ product range have been developed by Valerio Ascoli, an Italian Fashion Photographer and Bring Home Stories partner, Paul Liptrot. A major contribution for the Designs has also been done by Gulabo Chaap Designs, a design firm established by Brijesh Dahiya and Kuldeep Singh. We met Dahiya during the event, and simply loved his unusual design concepts, particularly the names that he has given to his brands... Cheap Sex, just to tell you!!

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