Monday, March 18, 2013

Food for Your Busy Day!

While we have usually kept our weekends for some F&B review features, but since Monday are becoming more and more hectic for women these day, we thought why not fill your day with some sumptuous food?
Take a look at our recent reviews that we did at one of the best fashion fashion hubs of the capital, Hauz Khas Village, a  place that is now full of restaurants, clubs, bars, and God knows what else!

The first one that we tried some time back, rather in the month of Valentine's day was The Pink Room, which is a newly launched Cafe and Lounge bar. You won't have to get into any guessing game, as yes, it is Pink by all means. From seating, to the interiors, to the upholstery  everything is pink. Seems as if the place is Girl-only place, but no, it's not. And, what it offers is flavours and tastes of the various cuisines like Asian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Indonesian, Indian, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish. Too much isn't it? actually, if restaurants will
have an experte in one particular food, it makes things much better for those who drop in to try. Since we were in a bit of hurry, we thought of trying something that's quick. Don't remember exactly what we tried, but it tasted just OK. What we liked about the place is that even though it is located in the narrow lanes of this village, but still they have carved out a decent space for a small party or a get-together.

Cire Ristorante Interiors
Time to shift our focus to another interesting newly opened place, named Cire Ristorante. Thankfully this one has it's speciality, and that is European Food. We liked the way the interiors is done. The only thing that you might have to ignore is it's location. It's in a building that is already flooded with so many other restaurants, and to find the entrance of this one would go a bot difficult. The place, although absolutely new seems good enough to attract the crowd.  You can select from a  menu that has been together by the restaurant Executive chef Sumit Kalra, and his USP seems Cheese Fondue. Well, there are many other as well, but we did not try much. We met Siddharth Suman, Director when we landed at their place one afternoon. He has some big plans for his venture, and it's only time and people who will decide the future of this beautiful restaurant.

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