Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

Yes, it's your special day, and we know that you have all plans to celebrate this day. We are not going to disturb you in your plans, and therefore bringing to you some inspiring women who have been celebrating each day of their lives with a twist. Just the way they are...
Nandita Bose During her Book Launch!

Meet our first inspiring woman, Bengaluru-based author Nandita Bose, who recently launched her first novel Perfume of Promise. Why we find her profile interesting and different? Well, she writes on a subject that is all about relations, complications, and all in context to women. 
Now, her novel too has been reviewed by a woman expert only. Delhi-based Ritu Mishra, who has over 14 years of enriching experience in media, academics and publishing and who has  been associated with corporate giants like Tata McGraw Hill, Dorling Kindersley, and Macmillan Publishers, and also had a fulfilling spell teaching undergraduates in Delhi University has this to say about her work.
" The novel does offer an aroma of suspense as it meanders through the emotional journey of Gauri as she narrates her story. It is easy to relate to her reticence vis-a-vis Shaswat, her husband, and even her exasperation at his failure to gauge the unspoken bond between them. Gulzar’s little known ditty could well have been playing in the background, Rishtey bante hain, bade dheere sey, banne dete! Kache lamhon ko zara shaakh pe pakne dete (Relationships are formed slowly and steadily, you should have let them take shape. Tender moments should have been allowed to ripen on the branch of time.). What is difficult, however is to fathom her ‘detachment’, her inhibited ‘silence’ and her frozen-in-time sensibilities when viewed in the context of her Kolkata upbringing, her independent, career-aware personality, and maturity in handling her petulant sisters, and widowed mother. Bose very sensitively brings out you-fight-the-one-you-love-the-most romantic syndrome between the principal characters. She uses it as a tool to build up the deep love they have for each other and oh how it gets lost in its uncommunicated intensity! On the flip side, though, Bose’s thoughts and ideas get buried in wordy sentences. The book has proofreading gaffes. However, the ability to retain the curiosity of the reader till the very end holds out a great promise for future endeavours for the debutant author," says Mishra.
Wow, so you have something interesting to read this weekend!

Debabani Guha at the Store
Now, let's shift your focus to something that's on the pampering side. Meet Debabani Guha, Trainer- L'Occitane en Provence, India. Her story is not exactly about her profile, but it is about how she being working woman, makes sure to take out some time for herself each day. " Women don't need a special day to have some good time, I feel we all can actually have some me time every day. And, I myself being into skin and personal care feel that we women tend to ignore ourselves when it comes to some self pampering. When instant brightening is just a few second rituals away, why to delay?," says Guha.
Yes, we certainly agree to her, who makes sure to cleanse her face each night, moisturize it properly. and, no wonder she uses the same brand that she works for. When we were at their store recently, and guha made us experience the Immortelle Brightening Collection, we realized that how a few minutes for self can do wonders!
Shalini Vij

finally, we are making you meet an entrepreneur, who is into an industry that is pre-dominantly about men. Meet Delhi-based Shalini Vij, Owner,Director of Hang Out & M.F. Entertainment & Amusement. she venture recently won a prize, and that's when we got to know that she was the only woman receiving the award. We thought of asking her about her opinion on International Women's Day!
 " It's a great feeling, I am proud to be a woman, and I feel that we must be able to maintain our identities. I have lived in the US for long, and I know how women are super women there. Coming back after living there for 14 years was a tough call, but I had some health issues, and needed a strong back end. So, I came back.I still feel there is this mental block & a stereotype role chalked out for the role of a girl. We need to let go off that & treat them as equals only then we will be able to see the true Women she can be. In India, things are different, and in the capital certainly shocking, but that doesn't mean we should not celebrate. We must look at the positive side, and yes change is there, men are ready to offer their helping hand today. And, as we know that a woman's strength lies int he family support, so I feel that on such special occasions family members should pledge, and must stand by their girls, daughters, daughter-in-laws," says Vij.

Well, whatever is the scene world around when it comes to women, their status, what's important is that the spirit of celebration must not fade away!!
Happy International Women's day!!

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