Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Home Storage Styles

We have been featuring a lot of decor styles for your home, but not once have we featured something that is all about keeping things well in place, stocking things that are seasonal, and home accessories that can save a lot of space. Well, if you are looking for any of the above mentioned, Bonita from Casa Brands is here to take care of your needs.

First thing first. We will talk about what all things the brand has on offer, but  first we will talk about the space constraints that women tend to face. It's not always because of the small house, but at times it is because of the way we store the stuff. The brand is offering Vacuum Bags. These are moisture-free, moth free, dirt-free, odor-free, and help you get rid of the  overstuffed storage areas, or the cluttered boxes and  beddings.
Coming to what is the USP of the product, the vacuum-seal storage bags store up to four times more bedding, of comparable sizes. This should come to women as a big relief. Additional,  the product is reusable and comes with a patented valve design for safety. And yes, it is certainly see through, so that you can keep a check on where you kept what! And, these are available in two interesting sizes, Extra Large and Large.

To know more about what the brand is all about, and what all it has on offer, we spoke to Vineeta, one of the Directors of the brand. " We know that women are busy today, and they are looking for instant and easy to maintain solutions when it comes to their house. We have a lot of such products like laundry care, organizers, which are like hot sellers, and women just love them in one go, and then we also have storage, ironing boards just to name a few," said Vineeta during the interaction.

Fact File:
The brand's parent company is a preferred partner for all major American and European brands of these products. The production is under strict quality control guidelines by using excellent quality raw material and state-of-the-art machinery like German Automatic Powder Coating machines, Robotic Welding and many other automated machineries.

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