Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quick Beauty Fixes...

And, here we are with our last feature of the day! Though, a bit late, but never mind, we know that we have our US, UK, Middle East readers waiting for some interesting update.
We talked about the spa therapies today that can revive you from your work fatigue, now we are taking you to the world of quick fixes that can actually do instant wonders on your skin.Check out the latest from Everyuth Naturals, under Zydus Cadila wellness. There three new products, in a completely new packaging seem to be a good choice when you want that radiance, and fresh-looking face in a jiffy!
Cleanse, Scrub, Peel... a Quick Three-step Ritual!
How? Quite simple actually. Wash your face with their cleanser that has lemon extracts, then scrub it for a while, and wash it off. There is third product that we particularly liked, which is a peel. Apply it when you are back home from your office, if you have to head for a party in a short time, and see it's effect. Your skin feels soft, really soft. And, freshness in any case is an add-on.
Then, we decided to speak to their R&D Head 
Dr. Hema Datta Sharma to understand the ingredient part of these products. It's important to note that the products have paraben, sulphate, to name a few, which otherwise are not very much appreciated considering they are chemicals. To this Dr. Sharma had a very interesting answer. " These chemicals are not villains exactly. Since we have been hearing from everyone in our surrounding that natural ingredients are best, that doesn't mean chemicals are always harmful. We need to understand that we live in countries that are hotter and humid, unlike Europe. For them even a milder cleanser with no paraben, sulphate, or ethoxylate can work when it comes to cleansing. For us, we need a good detergent that is balanced in terms of mildness. Also, we have hard water, soft water, some places the water is also not pure. So, keeping all those factors in mind such chemicals are added. Secondly at Zydus Cadila, we are not following the cosmetic protocol, but we follow drugs protocol, which means we have a team of experts who know the right amount, the perfect balance, and the benefits of  such ingredients," explained Sharma. We actually liked her concept. And, after all even a natural product has chemicals when it comes to it's preservation.
So, this International Women's Day, you have a product that can bring an instant glow to your face...

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