Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wonders of a Soap Bar!

From your skincare ritual to hair care therapy, let's now shift our focus to some personal care regime. And, when we say personal care, we are talking about the bathing soaps. When was the last time you actually gave a serious thought to the first beauty product that you use at the beginning of each day? If you are pondering, that clearly means not in the near past for sure. But you don't have to worry as we are bringing to you a range of interesting hand-made soaps from a well-known brand named Nyassa.
Nyassa Soaps & Their Fragrance 
The brand is known for it's natural bath and body products. Now, why are we recommending these soaps?Well, we actually tried these soaps, and found a few key features that make them different from the regular ones' that we use. In fact, to compare them would the regular ones' won't be fair!
The first one that we tried was Berry Berry. Frankly speaking, before you even try the product, the sheer fragrance of it fills your home with a soft and alluring atmosphere. The soap has a very limited lather, which is a clear indication of less chemical component. Even the cleansing also doesn't need much of water, so it actually saves water too.
Berry Berry Soap
to check if it's same with rest others as well, we later tried one of their Mogra soaps. This one is simply amazing. Very light fragrance, and post the bathing ritual, you don't even need to apply any moisturizes. Which means that all these soaps have essential oils as their active ingredient.
Ocean-inspired Soaps 

 We spoke to Ishween Anand, Founder & Owner sometime back to know more about the product range, and which one is best for working women. " I feel that if your day starts on a good note, you don't feel the fatigue even by the end of the say. So, if you pay some attention to your bathing ritual, like adding bath salt for rejuvenation, using the right soap for a day-long freshness, or even just applying a proper moisturizer all this does make a difference. And, since women are so busy all the time, what can be a better me time that a self pampering with exotic personal care products,' said Anand. 
So true it is! So, when are you planning to the same to yourself? Remember, this is exactly what a woman wants for herself!
Fact File:
Nyassa products are 100% vegetarian with no added fragrance, color or any preservative, and therefore, they can be used for babies, and even for sensitive skin.

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