Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Chic & Stylish Venture

A lot of women these days are opting for jobs that happen to be their passion. While the trend is not absolutely new, but what we find interesting is that a lot of young women in their 20's are leaving behind their premium paid jobs, just to follow their dreams... just to do what they want to do!
Meet these lovely entrepreneurs Harshita Singh, Shivani Gulati, and Sugandhika Singh, Founder Chiclique.com.
Women Power in Entrepreneurial Arena 

Now, what's this name all about? Well, the portal is a latest in Indian E-commerce industry that is all about women's clothing and style accessories. You might wonder, what's so special about it, and why are we featuring it, but when we attended their recent Style Exhibition event in the capital, where we got to meet young, talented 'She' designers, we realized that these entrepreneurs seem to be interested in promoting only young talent. In fact, this trio has selected 16 designers so far, from all over India, and the creative work of these designers is already available on their chic-looking portal. 
On the day of the event, we got a chance to meet some of these talents, and one of them was accessory designer Upasana Jaipuria, who the Founders call as the star designer of their portal. For a visible reason, her stuff (see pic) sells pretty fast. Her accessories are creative too, although, we felt that there is still some scope to pay some attention to the finish of the product. Later, we met Gayatri Chopra, and Namrata Kumar, whose fashionable clutches were quite colourful, and had beautiful texture, and handwork. 
There are a lot of other designers who are retailing via this portal, and that includes 'He' designers as well, like Rohit Mittal, Shashank & Prajwal, just to name a few. 
Now, for a while let's shift the focus to the main stars of the venture, the founders themselves. Look what they have to say. " We all were working before this venture. From corporate to event management, we have jobs like these to talk about, but we always wanted to start something of our own, where we could be our own boss. And, since we have so many designers as our friends, getting into a creative venture was a very natural call," said Harshita and Shivani, while Sungandhika was busy interacting with other media. 
We loved this whole idea of self-boss concept. And, looking at the portal, one cannot make out that this is the work of a novice. From party dresses, to ensemble to a bag and jewelry, Chiclique has all.
We also spoke to Jaipur-based designer Ritu Jain Singh, and she shared quite interesting facts. " While I'm based out of Jaipur, but I cater to metros, and B-towns as well. As a designer, I have observed that online shopping is a big trend in small cities, but we can only sell reasonable stuff, not the expensive one. But, in metros, women have a taste for designer dresses, and they don't mind if the style is good," said Singh.
It's too early to talk about what's the future of this style portal, but we appreciate the fact that women are willing to give a try to what they want to do.... When are you re-discovering yourself?

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