Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Add Fun to Your Man's Basics

This feature will come as a surprise to many of you out there. Looking at the pictures only you can make out what we are featuring, but why we are covering, is a question that needs to be answered. Well, men's bare basic fashion has a lot to do with women, because globally it's the women who usually shop for men's innerwear, says research. And, we are quite sure that most of you will agree to this. Even the author of this feature does the shopping for her man when it comes to his bare basics!

So, it's time to make your man ready for some Italian style. Zoiro, is now in India, and what we loved about this brand is that it has some very interesting colours to drive your man crazy. No wonder, if you go crazy too, the way we did when we attended their recently held fashion show in the capital. It was beautifully conceptualized show, where these models showcased the entire Zoiro range that will be available in India. Looking at the models, we could see how comfortable they were flaunting their basics. After all, for the first time they had colours to show off!

We spoke to Navinn Seksaria, Zoiro India to know more about the brand. "I had always felt that we men never had great options for the innerwear. Somehow, the style factor was missing in innerwear sector, as compared to women. Yes, I do agree to the fact that it's women who usually shop for men's basics. Infact, Zoiro products are such that girls won't mind gifting their boyfriends the entire range," said Seksaria. Hope girls out there are listing. But, when we asked him who shops for him, he replied, " Let's keep that a secret."
Well, it's no more a secret when Seksaria is heading a brand that sure is fashion statement in itself.

Special Features of the Show:
The show had showstoppers MugdhaGodse, NiketanMadhok, Shawar Ali and LalitTehlan. The show was  set in 4 different sequences showcased the four new and exciting collections Savio, Urbano, Trento and Lorenzo. Along with the revelation of each innerwear, the meaning of the word ‘Zoiro’ was demonstrated. The theme of the show was ‘One Life. Go beyond the ordinary’. 
And, the most important thing to remember about this brand is that the product is made of 95% super combed cotton and 5% elastane, leading to a comfy softness. Additional, the product has micro-fiber nylon to make it itch free. Something that every Indian man needs badly!!

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