Thursday, April 11, 2013

Diamonds are 'Not' Forever!

We know that your TGIF is still a day away, but don't worry as we are here to fill your day with some stunning creativity! You have heard of this saying 'Diamonds are girls best friends' but what if we tell you not anymore?Today's woman has found a new friend in her jewel box - Coloured Gems, and not from any Tom, Dick & Harry, but from Gemfields...
Beautiful Mila Kunis is the Face for Gemfields... 
The brand is here in India bringing the beauty of gemstones. From Zambian Emeralds, to Mozambican Rubies, Gemfields has a wide array of shades, shapes, and sizes that will be a jewellery designer's dream come true experience. What is even more special is that whether it's the precision cuts, cabochons that look like candy, or slices that are ruggedly organic, each coloured stone is resulting in a bespoke creation. 
The brand recently had their official launch event in the capital, where the CEO Ian Harebottle, shared the brief of their strategy for the Indian market, particularly women. Any why not? After all, the beauty of such stunning pieces gets highlighted only when women wear them!
The brand also revealed the global ambassador of Hollywood Actor Mila Kunis, the face of the brand, and who made sure to visit the mines in Zambia, just to see how eco-friendly is the approach, and how ethically the stones are sourced from these mines.
Model Showcasing the Collection During the Event

Additional and interesting, they have collaborated with 36 known national and international designers, who have created beautiful jewellery using their gems, and we met Bina Goenka and Sanjay from the Jaipur Gems during the event. Not to miss is the name Farah Khan who is also the part of special 36.
Creation at it's Best, by Bina Goenka!
We spoke to Goenka to know if women in India are ready to welcome gems in their jewel box.
" Indian woman was more than ready to welcome this change. Yes, it is true that for last few years, it has been diamond that has been the in thing, but that never changed or affected the demand of coloured stones. Women love colours, and these stones look any jewellery a masterpiece in itself. whether you are an office-goer, or a lady that parties, gems can never go out of your jewel box." said Goenka who herself was flaunting a reptile Brooch from Lizard species. Trust us, a reptile could have looked this beautiful with so many coloured stones all around!

Fact file:
Building on the success of its emerald and amethyst operations in Zambia, the brand has now ventured into rubies, processed in Mozambique. Globally, it is the leading manufacturer and producer of emeralds.
Gemfields’ unprecedented mine to market strategy allows consumers to trace the origin of their gems from the source. 
Did You Know?
Emeralds, are many times scarcer than diamonds, although arguably infinitely more exciting, made up of countless microscopic fissures within in each stone that makes each gem completely unique.

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