Monday, April 22, 2013

For the Summer Bride!

And, we are once again here to make your days more beautiful with our yet another stylish feature. Well, this time we are introducing a young designer to you, who recently opened her stand alone store in the capital. Meet Ridhi Arora, whose brand 'Mutiyaar' is all about some creative couture, trousseau, and ethnic wear!
Designer Ridhi Arora
We liked the name of the brand as the word 'Mutiyaar' is originally a Punjabi word, and means 'a young beautiful girl'. Well, looking at the collection one can make out that the designer has actually chosen an apt name, as Arora's ensembles are all about beautifying a young girl, who is about to get married, or is newly married, and is looking for a fresh collection for her wardrobe.
From saris, to trousseau wear, cocktail dresses and to evening gowns, her label has everything for a mutiyaar. In fact, what she wore (see pic) on the day of launch clearly indicates the choice of a young bride-to-be, or a new bride.

Now, coming to her store, it is spread over 1000 sq. ft. area, with a very subtle interiors done by Arora only.  What we found on display in her store was the Spring Summer collection. It was an eclectic mix of silhouettes, colors, fabrics and embroideries. We spoke to her to know more about the trends and the collection. " As you can see I'm wearing red, so bright colours are the choice when it comes to ethnic, whichever is the season. As a designer, I love to play with vibrant colours, but black is also one colour that I frequently experiment with. Today, there is a big trend of playful textures, which means the dresses will have different styles of embroideries. Like, embellishments, zardozi, aari work, just to name a few," said Arora.

Additional, we noticed that the range included styles for a modern bride who demands contemporary styling but with an inspiration from Indian traditions. Like there was this trousseau wear, which had a bikini top with a lehenga. We simply loved it, as it was meant to keep the top fitted during the wedding ceremony. " I feel that every woman is beautiful, and if the styling and colour selection is right, she looks her best. And, that is what a designer's job is. I am very passionate about dressing and styling up the women to make them feel beautiful and highlight what’s best in each one of them. I make sure to customize each piece from my collection to ensure a fine masterpiece for every individual," summed Arora.

Well, so now it's for our readers to have a look at her recent collection, and decide which one to go for. After all, a woman desires to look stylish when it comes to dressing up!

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