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For Your Me-time Travel This Summer

Planning your summer holiday vacations? Well, we would suggest all women out their to try a trip like this. Trust us, it will turn out to be quite a memorable experience! Read this feature coming straight from the horse's mouth...
Exploring new destinations is part and parcel of a journalist’s life, but when it comes to exploring it with your kiddo, it turns out to be a different experience all together. And, I realized this on my recent visit to some of the exotic locales of Rajasthan with my 6-year-old!
Relaxation Zone Meant Only for Women...
Laxhman Sagar resort, located 126 km from Jodhpur, in Raipur town is a place that will charm you in one go. First and foremost, it’s in the middle of nowhere (in true sense), and secondly it’s beautiful in all sense. From luxury cottages, lake side bar with peacocks strutting around and water hens adding charm to the lake, interestingly done Zanana & Mardana (women & men) areas for relaxation, and above all huge farms all around for some village tourism.

But, to all this when you have a child with you exploring such resorts, other that enjoying the beauty, and the luxury, you also need to be careful enough to take care of your little one, who in case has already gone crazy in such bliss.
The resort, while is meant for adults, children have more than enough engagements for fun. Chasing peacocks, migratory birds, watching fishes and water hens in the lake, your child can join you for some hiking in the rocky plains that lead to the village. I along with my daughter enjoyed my 2 days stay at this resort like anything. The interior of cottage is a sheer delight. Completely rustic, the cute little hut is well equipped with modern amenities (only exception is you won’t find toothpaste here but a tiny Neem stick).
The Cottage Interiors
So, if you are planning your next holiday destination, consider Laxhman Sagar Resort! Additional, you can plan visiting Pushkar too as they have a property there as well, and that one is totally child-friendly, but I had more fun here!
We had no intention of saying goodbye to this place, but Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer were calling for more fun. I drove back to Jodhpur the next day afternoon. Jodhpur, is not just child-friendly, it has many more things to enjoy. From a half day long visit to Mehrangarh fort, to Umaid Bhavan Palace, you can also explore some shopping in the old city. My daughter although had some nice time in the fort (it’s quite tiring by the end of the day).
Tent Stay at Mirvana
Next on this expedition was Jaisalmer, rather 55 km before this golden city. We took a Rajasthan road wage bus from Jodhpur to this peaceful village named Lathi near (known for Army base). It’s almost 5 hour long journey, but absolutely fruitful. This time the stay was at Mirvana Nature resort. The cab was already waiting for us at the bus stand, and took us to 108 acre huge farm hose. The resort is absolutely a dream come true for any kid.
The moment you enter, there are chicks, ducks, rabbits, swans, and their pet dog to welcome you. I loved the stay here as it was luxury in budget. From cottage, to tent stay, you can tell your preference as they all have the same rate.
Mirvana is my recommendation to all those, especially a group of women who want to see the beauty of Jaisalmer, and Sam both. Reason being, it’s away from the hustle-bustle of the city, and is huge enough to offer you endless activities.
Night View
Our next day morning was all about their farm house visit. I’m falling short of words when it comes to describing what all they were growing in their farm. From Dates, Plums, Castor, Chilli, Carrot, Lettuce, Wheat, Brinjal, Cabbage, Sweet Potato, to God know what many. And, all this is organic farming.
My little girl particularly had fun with the sheeps and goats that the farmers living on this farm had in the backyard of their huts.
Tired of this? Then take a break, and visit their private sand-dunes and the camel safari. You can also visit Sam, which is more pocket-friendly, but their it’s no cleaner now because of the crowd.

Me With my Girl... Promise Yourself a Me-time This Holiday Season!!
This was really a fun trip for me and my daughter, as we had a perfect ‘Me time’. Infact, I strongly recommend such trips for moms, minus dads, as it’s not about family, but is only about ‘You’!

Fact File:
Laxhman Sagar Resort has around 16 Luxury Cottages. Per night fare is 18,000/- inclusive of all taxes and meals.
Mirvana Nature Resort had 70 plus cottage & tents. Per night fare is 7200/- plus inclusive of Breakfast and Dinner.

Laxhman Sagar is around 126 Km, in Pali district. And, the route is absolutely safe for women too (during daytime).
Mirvana Resort is around 5 hour long journey from Jodhpur. You can also take a train, or a flight from Delhi to Jaisalmer.


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