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Let Your 20's Glow Like Teens!

Have you ever noticed how with age your beauty needs experience a drastic change? From simply washing your face in your early teen years, it shifts to trying out something that can do interesting cleansing. All this was fine till you were 19. Welcome to 20's now!
When in 20's, Follow a Disciplined Skincare Regime... 

Yes, your 20's are no more the same. Don't wonder if we say that it's not because you have started aging (of course you ain't), but you are now in jobs, you are tied up in multi-tasking, and above all, you are on the move now!
But, we also know that 20's can be equally confusing. There is your mum around using anti-aging, and their are brands that are continuously telling you to start anti-aging right from 20's. Then, there are also those who are explaining you to stay away from everything, and just stick to washing with water. Well, to simplify your state of dilemma, we thought of speaking to some of the lovely ladies, who are right in their 20's, and have decided to stick to what suits best to them!

Be Loyal to a Brand, is her Key Mantra!
New Delhi-based Kanchan Hiranandani, 25, is a Marketing Head, and travels often for work. Read what she has to say.
" In the 20's the teenage years are left behind, and it is definitely the time to shine. Skincare regime changes in 20's and it's easy to care as skin is plump and firm and there is good elasticity. But, it is also in an awkward phase. It is getting out of terrible acne and the face is setting in to look like what it will be for a long time. My daily routine now comprises of cleaning & moisturizing with sunscreen on a daily basis. Cleaning again at night is followed by a night cream. I try using as much of home made remedies possible along with regular scrubbing. I feel that all cosmetic products have ingredients that cause different reactions, so analyzing the skin type is most important. Read the label content to see if there are any ingredients that make skin feel irritated. Also,choose skin care products that are water-based, soft-textured and not too fragrant. Lastly, stick to the habit of being ''faithful'' to one particular brand," sums Hiranandani.
Her Tried & Tested Are:
Clean & Clear Face Wash, Olay Total Effect, Nivea Body Sunscreen, Vitamin E Body Lotion, & Night Cream from The Body Shop.

20's Make you Understand Your Skin Better
Mumbai-based Atika Singhal Jain, 23 is a Public Relations Executive and feels a strong difference in her ritual now. " In my teen years there was no particular skincare routine, but I used to take lots of care like avoiding spicy food, mangoes, oily stuff etc. I use to try Multani mitti, chandan pack like stuff, but today I follow some basic regimes. I drink a lot of water that keeps my skin look supple. I wash my face twice with Clean and Clear, as I find it to be the best face wash for oily skin. Whenever I get time I try to splash water on my face.I follow basic 3 steps- cleaning, toning (I do with rose water) and moisturize (I use Garnier bb creme, which works at moisturizer and face primer at the same time). Along with this, I use water-based sun block. I feel in 20's only you get to understand your skin better," says Jain.
Her Tried & Tested are: 
Clean and Clear, Garnier BB Creame, Dabur Gulabri

Check the Expiry Date of all Products

The third one in our list is Isha Gakhar, 25, Assistant Editor of a beauty magazine from the capital. She travels, is usually in the field, and has a very hectic lifestyle. "Yes, skincare is definitely important for any age group, especially when you are in your 20's. If one doesn't starts caring at a right time (this age), then it leads to several problems like pigmentation, early ageing, etc. I don't tamper my skin much though, but make sure to wash my face with Cetaphil Cleanser twice a day, followed by a moisturizer, and a lip balm with SPF. I stay away from bleach rather prefer to have a face cleanup. I also scrub my face twice a week with The Nature's Co Chocolate Scrub. It's extremely mild and effective. Being a journalist, I am always on the go, hence my skin gets extremely tanned, so I apply natural aloe vera gel or curd to remove it. Also, my skin is sensitive, so I don't use too many products, and invest only in good beauty products. I also make sure to read their ingredients and expiry dates," says Gakhar.
Her Tired & Tested are:
Sunscreen by Clinique, Elizabeth Arden Eye Cream, Olay Moisturizer, Cetaphil facewash, J&J baby wipes and oil, and  Lacto Calamine.

I'm Brand-conscious When it Comes to Skincare!
DJ Gouri, 27, whom we featured earlier in our ART section, is a girl who is flying, and singing. Quite a busy life, we must say. Look what she has for you. " When any girl step in her 20’s, her daily routine changes as most of them get into jobs, and are often exposed to direct sun rays and dirt. So one has to be very careful about skin, and get into a proper skin care routine. When I was in my teens, I never used to care about my skin that much. At that time only a face wash and a cream use to be sufficient. But, when I started my career, I became more adherent towards my skin. My job required make up, but then I prefer good brands as I'm a brand conscious person, and apply minimum make up. One thing that I strictly follow is a good sleep, drinking plenty of water and my daily workout," summed Gouri.

Surprising, she didn't suggest her Tried & Tested. Probably, she is once again on move.... like you all!!

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