Friday, April 5, 2013

A Taste of History...

.... yes we are back post our yet another leisure travel break to this beautiful state of India- Rajasthan!

And, before you get tied up with your Friday routine, make sure to have a look at this creative piece. This one will charge you, as it's so very creative! Recently, Rajasthan, the hot spot travel destination, where we were recently  was in news for  a glitzy Auction that it hosted, by Bid & Hammer. and, the venue was the beautiful Umaid Bhawan Palace, which is probably the youngest and the last lavish palace of India, precisely at Jodhpur.
The Auction Area at the Palace!
Now, before we tell you what all things were there in the auction, it's important to know that this auction was part of the Jodhpur One World Retreat. While the artifacts that were there on display for bidding were ranging from 11th century to 19th century, the event also witnessed brightest luminaries from the world of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, music, art, spirituality and science who together to celebrate the spirit of One World. And, all this was for a burning cause – the scourge of head injury.
But, not just this, the event was marked by the presence of people like Mukesh & Nita Ambani, Duke of York Prince Andrew, and Dutchess of York Sarah Ferguson, Naresh Trehan, Suhel Seth,  Anjali and Sachin Tendulkar, Diya Mirza and many others. We spoke to one of the Director's of Bid & Hammer who conducted this event to understand this bidding concept, and how this can be helpful for women. " Well, bidding is open for everyone, and this is one trend that is now picking up in India. I feel that if you are earn a good salary, then there is no harm in investing 5 to 9 percent of what you earn in rare art pieces, as this is like any other investment, which grows with time. And, women by nature have an eye for art, so why not go for it, " he said. What say women?

Fact File:
Bid & Hammer is a professional Auction House that has five years of prior successful experience of holding auctions in India, and had sourced lots available, at the auction from different individuals across the country. This was for the first time when there was wide range of products like Daggers and Swords other that regular ones like jewellery, art pieces, sculptures etc. 

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