Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tickle Your Taste Buds With Tiki Bar!

Yes, we know that your weekend is going to end shortly, but how about ending it on a yum note? Well, we are here with our weekly F&B review. And, this time it's the newest, super-cool place in town. Get set to enjoy some Hawaiian fun with Bora Bora!
 Beautiful Interiors of Bora Bora
Yes, this is one fun place that Delhi is ready to welcome. And, why not? After all, this restaurant is the first Tiki Bar of the capital! We loved the Hawaiian theme in the first go. Located exactly at the hub of dining out centre of the city, Bora Bora is serving French Polynesian cuisine. Now, before we speak about the cuisine and the platters that we tried, let us first understand the concept of Tiki bar. Well, this sort of a bar is mainly about Rum-based drinks, and in a country like India, where men love to flaunt a glass of whisky, and women, as usual, either wine, or vodka, this restaurant is undoubtly a fresh approach. Additional, the food that they are offering is all about having a shot of some great cocktail, with sharers' and Polynesian platters.
The Bar Area, Which has a Very Kinda Feel!
So, we were greeted by mother and daughter duo Anju Bhattar and Nikita Bhattar, the Co-owners of the place. Anju's son too is part of the venture, but we decided to chat with these lovely women, as that is what we want our readers to see how women of every age are doing such creative things. While Anju takes care of the kitchen, and the food, Nikita has as experte in creating cocktails and mocktails. " Me and mom always had an interest in F&B, but we never actually took it seriously in terms of a venture. But, since we both are so well travelled, we had been trying various cuisines for quite a long time. Tiki bar is a very popular concept in other countries, but in India, I believe we are the first one to introduce this concept. Basically, it is all about spending some fun time over rum-based drinks along with side platters," said Bhattat junior. 
Before we could agree with her, our cocktail was served along with Tamarind & Toufu Crispy cup. And, not to forget, the Skull that was kept on our table. You actually need to to be there to see the beauty of that skull. OK, coming to the food, well, yum, what else! The rum tasted fine, but we especially loved the peanuts in the tamarind dish. Post this was Spanish Tapas, and Veggie platter, which was the combination of wantons, fritters, spring rolls. The wantons tasted fine, but the fritters were just amazing, especially with the Japanese mayonnaise.
In the mean time we again chatted with Bhattar junior to know more about the plans. " We are quite happy with he response, as it's just been a month or so, but it's good to see that women today are ready to try new things. In fact, some of our Hawaiian-based interior has women forms in it. I'm quite confident that tiki bar is here to inspire others as well," she said.
Later, we tried the main course, which was Phad Thai noodles, and that was quite full-filling. but, we tried it with  Flaming Skull drink. Don;t get scared, it was a wonderful drink, with a mix of five different rums, served with vodka on top. And, finally it was the turn of dessert. Guess what? We tried unconventional Churros with hot chocolate etc. Yum, once again!

Fact File:
The word "tiki" was the name given to large wooden carvings in roughly human shape, although this is a somewhat archaic usage. The carvings often serve to mark the boundaries of sacred or significant sites.

So, be there, as Bora Bora is all set to say... Aloha!!

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