Monday, April 29, 2013

When Looks Say it All...

Don't wonder if you haven't read any new posts n Allwhatshewants recently! For the simple reason, we were tied up in doing our interesting Editorial Shoots, just to bring something creative for you...
And, this time we have the perfect must-have for your summer time need. Yes, the best of make up styles, in our series " Makeup, Experts... and the Magic Spell"
She is a Woman Next Door, Turned Into a Diva
by Simple Brush Strokes, by Nidhi Khurana!

Go Nude This Season... of Course, in Makeup!!
It's summer season, and you will see that even the make up styles are changing. Whether you are on a move, or at leisure, there are certain make up basics that can help you get the perfect summer look.
To know more about this, we landed up at Delhi-based Makeup expert Nidhi Khurana's studio one afternoon. To our surprise, she was already with her model. Well, Shruti Puri (in pic) is not a professional model, but just a neighbour of this expert. She, like any other women, homemaker, working loves to play with makeup. And, this was easy to get why she decided to be the muse of Khurana for our Photoshoot!
Khurana, has trained under various experts, nationally and internationally, but her USP seems to be the perfect application of foundation, along with eye makeup. " I make sure that my base should do all the talking, as if the foundation is wrong, the creativity is no use,"she says. Well, we certainly don't doubt that!!

Makeup otherwise is not a very tough job, if you have eye for it. That's what Khurana stared with

" I feel every woman can try the basics at her home, if she has that desire to look beautiful. We have often heard that bare skin, looking natural is the way out. But, not anymore. Today, women have ample choices when it comes to brands, make up techniques, and even the experts. There are such interesting products that one doesn't need to look cake-like, with lots of icing that becomes visible," said Khurana.

Like any other expert, she too started with the base. It is important to note that when it comes to summer, it is best to apply primer, including eyes, as that will help the make up to stay for long.

As her brand name is Brush Strokes, we could actually see that in make up, the way you apply the product using a particular brush, and then later blend it with a certain technique. play the most important role.

She created 2 interesting looks for this shoot. One had a very subtle make up, whether lips, or the eyes, both had a perfect colour control. No wonder, this was the day look, but what we liked about the second look was without changing the base, she quickly changed the eye and the lip colours, turning her muse of the day into perfect evening girl!
With some interesting hints on your eyes, women can change their day look to evening one, minus any difficulty.
Nidhi Khurana With her Muse...

Later, she also shared a few basics of summer make up-

Start with primer for Nude look, and most importantly use mascara in first and last.
For a darker skin type, always prefer a powdered foundation. Also,use a powder blushes, highlighters and a soft brush to contour around the hairline, across the temples and around the outer perimeter of the face. Matte lipstick is an ideal choice for nude looks, go for peachy colours!

What are you waiting for? Try this look at home ASAP... We shot an exclusive Video of the looks that she gave to this model, and we will soon be sharing the Video with our Readers, via Youtube!!


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