House of Yum Flavours


Look what we reviewed for our readers recently? A restaurant that is located right in the centre of the capital, and a place that is already known to many who are actually the believer of authentic food!

Yes, we are talking about the one and only – United Coffee House
UCH is an All day Dining Restaurant, Designed on Victorian Concept…
We decided to try this place, one fine evening. It is always an experience in itself whenever you are visiting UCH. It’s been good 70 years, but the place still feels so fresh. And, why not? They keep revamping their menu, to offer something new to the walk ins! Who would actually believe that the place started with coffee, and is now serving Regional Indian, Continental and Oriental Specialties? 

 Now, coming to the review part, the first thing that you notice, before you even look at the menu is the decor, which is so very old world style. Colonial and Victorian are the apt words for that. Later, when the menu is served, you quite like that too. It is so very well divided into Indian, Continental and Oriental.  This indicated that the separation is keeping in mind the choice of food that people have today, especially women when they are dining out with their friends for a kitty. There is some new addition too like, European, Western and Mediterranean. And, we simply went on a trial spree.

From paneer tikka, pani puri, spring roll, tofu curry, tarts, to some cold coffee, we tried in a very casual way. We would have loved to mention the name of the dishes that we tried, but since the review took place some time back, we felt that our reader might get a surprise element in the present day menu.
We also spoke to the owner (Mr. Kalra) of the restaurant, just to know the ratio of women as their walk ins. ” Well, F&B cannot be gender specific, but at United Coffee House, we have women who just feel safe and happy the moment they step in, so we have mornings when working women are coming for their breakfast, afternoons, when kitties are happening, and evenings, when their are women entrepreneurs who often come with their clients. We have realized that at UCH, walk ins tend to spend at least 10 minutes extra, as compared to any other restaurants,” said Kalra. Well, that’s quite a good observation.
And, we had no reason to disagree, as we ourselves had spent more than the time that we had decided to… UCH is actually like that!!