Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Be the Summery Beauty

As our readers know that we are running this beautiful series "Makeup, Expert... & her Magic Spell" we are today bringing to you yet another creative expert, who is young, innovative, and is doing what she always wanted to to do. Meet Nikita Sharma, Makeup expert from The Body Shop, who created t stunning looks on our young, and gorgeous models, Shrishti Rana, Miss India finalist (top 5), and Swati Kain who we featured some time back...

Nikita, Posing With one of her Models...

So far we featured experts who have gained tremendous experience in this industry. They were associated with brands, had experienced celebrity makeup, and are pretty much known faces in fashion and beauty industry. but, this time, we were looking for someone who is fresh, is passionate about her work, who got trained, only to be a makeup expert. And, Sharma turned out to be the perfect choice.
And, since we were going to shoot a young and vivacious expert, we decided to zero in on the 2013 miss India finalist, who had superbly flawless skin, and had a wonderfully international-looking features. So, Rana proved to be the perfect choice. We landed at The Body Shop's plush store in one of the malls of Gurgaon to this exciting shoot, and of course know more about the expert and the makeup trends.
When Eyes are the Core of Your Makeup!!

" Since the season is hot, and most of us are travelling, I will be creating two very fresh looks, wherein the focus will be on eyes. I love playing with eyes, as  it's purely a colour and blend game," said Sharma.
Well, we were now curious to see her skills, and what interesting products does the brand have to add to the expert's calibre.
Particularly, for Rana, she decided to go with vibrant pink on eyes, basic brown on lips, and just a flush of pink on cheeks. And, to highlight the eyes, she told us that she will be adding a thick liner for the overall look. Makeup for a younger looking woman is all about colours, told the expert while she was busy giving the look. " With the Body Shop, which is more like a one-stop solution for your beauty needs, I feel girls can have fun with makeup. whether it is lips, or the eyes, what you get here is colour choices," she said.
This was quite visible as the store had a lot of variety to offer to each one's needs...

What we liked about Sharma's style what that her strokes were smooth, and showed perfection in the way she trained. And, why hot? After all, she is a trained Makeup expert who is a pass out from Pearl Academy, and is also trained with the brand, which has certain unique styles when it comes to creating looks!!
By this time she was done with the base, and the beautiful pink on eyes. Using an eye shadow the right way, and then blending it perfectly is what any woman needs to learn, especially if she is a working woman. The touch of a nice bright colour on your eyes is the key to create that magic spell, she told us in-between. We couldn't agree less, as our model was ready with her final look, which was so fresh, and a perfect summery look. With that thick eye liner, the focus was all on the eyes.
Bright White, Right for the Beach...
We realized that for such a stunner look, what best you can do with your hair, is leave them open. Is looks candid, not donned up, and also can be carried to wherever you are headed to!!

For Kain, Sharma had some different plan. " I will be trying a totally nude look on her, with a flash of white on and around her eyes. But at the same time, I'll be playing with lots of blush around her cheeks, and keeping her lips pink, just to add to the beautiful natural look," said Sharma.
We didn't know what she was taking about till we saw her at work. It was really basic and nude. There was a hint of foundation, and not the regular over-done of the same. Also, there was no eye-liner here, but just a thick mascara. Since Kain is naturally gifted with big eyes, the touch of mascara simply accentuated them.

So, her final look was simply stunning, and the touch of white around the eyes was quite a playful technique. " I strongly feel that when you are travelling, or when you are at leisure, this look will do the needful. You don't have to carry loads of makeup products, but just a few must-haves," summed Sharma.

And, we are sure that by now you are well aware what's your must have for the season... Make sure to check on the new product range at The Body Shop stores before you pack your bags for your summer travel!!

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