Sunday, May 26, 2013

For a Thai-ful Weekend...

If your Friday was all about summer coolers (we featured yesterday), then why not the weekend be all about some delicious food? No guesses for this one!!
As you all know that we are running this interesting series "Women at Their Culinary Best" where in we feature women who are expertise in cooking, and are following their passion by either turning into a professional, or simply polishing their creative skill in the home kitchen.

 Naphaphak Prompaksa, Adding That Final touch to her Dish
Our First Starter...
Meet Naphaphak Prompaksa, Expat Thai Chef from Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi. She has recently joined the hotel, and is taking care of the Thai cuisine. When we got know about her skills, and that she is from Thailand, and surprisingly can also speak English, we decided to try and taste some of the delicacies cooked by her.
And, keeping this in mind we dropped in 19 Oriental Avenue, the award-winning restaurant of the hotel, one fine afternoon.
And, Some Summery Salad!!
We Simply Loved This Tofu...
We were joined by these two lovely ladies Anjori Kumar and Jiggi Verma, who look after the Public Relation of the hotel. So, after a brief chat with them, our eyes started searching for 'she' Chef. And, before we could say a word further we, were served with a nice hot starter as our first try. It was crisp, tangy, and loaded with Thai flavours. and, then came the cold summer papaya salad, one of the classics of Thai cuisine. It was soothing, full of nuts, and a perfect savoury for a hot afternoon.

These lovely ladies were giving us the brief of their new chef, when we were surprisingly greeted by her. "How is the food," asked  Prompaksa. "Are the spices OK?," she further asked. And, what more we could have said than 'yum'!!
An Exceptional Dessert, Rice Served With Seasonal Mango
Lobster Platter
She told us about her culinary experience, and it was interesting to know from her that in Thailand, women from their early age are trained to learn cooking. " If you are a good cook, you get a good husband," she told us about this myth. Why myth? She still is finding her perfect match...
By this time our next dish, which was tofu, and some rice was already served. Both were steaming hot, exactly had the spices that we were looking for.

Best thing about Thai food is that you get to taste a lot of greens, in various forms. Later, chef told us that she has a special dessert for us, which she said is a must try. Of course, we were curious to see the same. But, in the mean time, we also told her that we would love to shoot her with one of the platters that she shows her culinary skills, the best way. No guesses for it, it was the Lobster dish, that we feel any Thai chef is not complete without. Sea food is one of their USP's.
We Loved to Capture this Dish, Although, Didn't Try!!
And, as you can see in the picture above this Lobster dish, the dessert was Rice with mango slices. Now, how many of us would actually try something like this at home? We certainly doubt, but when we tried a spoonful of rice with a mango slice, and trust us, it was simply superb. with nuts around, with starch as the base, and the juicy, sweet mango around it, our taste buts, truly got refreshed, especially after trying those Thai spices.

You actually need to try the place, probably this wonderful chef has some really amazing surprise... only for you!!

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