Sunday, May 12, 2013

Look Beautiful With the Right Makeup

This is another beauty shoot that we did recently with celebrity make up expert Naina Arora, in Delhi.  As our readers are aware that we are running this interesting series "Make up... Expert & her Magic Spell" 
Naina Arora at her Studio
Well, the theme was once again the same, how to get the beautification done, in a jiffy. And, we couldn't think of anyone better than Arora, who has years of experience in this field. Whether fashion, or beauty, Arora knows her job quite well! With this concept, and our model Swati Kain, we reached Arora's studio. She told us that the looks that is going to create are going to be as per the season, which is for summers. Also, something that working women can easily try these looks at their work places.
Look at the first look (pics below). This one is all about highlighting your key feature. In Swati's case it was eyes. " When in comes to Indian women, they usually love to play around their eyes. They don't mind trying various eye shadows, or kohls, or kajal, but they are usually reluctant when it comes to lips, or cheeks. And, in any case, playing with lips is quite tricky, compared to the eyes, where even simple kajal works wonders," said Arora, while she was giving this new makeover to our model. The eyes were by now accentuated with blue eye shadow, bold eye liner and loads of mascara.
When Eyes Speak all About Your Makeover...

The effect was speaking loud that the look was meant for summer evenings, when women might like to enjoy some make up after their day's hectic schedule!
We simply loved the colour on the eyes, which was everything but smoky.
Go Bolder on Your Lips
Now, Naina decided to shift her focus on the Lips, post her first look. " I feel that if you have got fuller lips, than you must try bold and vivid shades on your lips. Sometimes, bold colours can easily change your looks," said Arora. We couldn't disagree, as the moment this bright red was tried on Kain's lips, we realized that work places are never about subtle and pastel shades, but even bold colours can be tried, depending on the occasion.
This look was focused only on lips, and that's why Arora did not do much on eyes. Just the basic eye make up, which simple brown eye shadow was sufficient to let the eyes of the onlooker focus on lips.
" Whether you are a working woman or a home maker, I strongly feel that you need to believe in makeup expert, or even the products that you use. Beautifying your otherwise beautiful looks is the best was to turn yourself into a stunner," summed Arora.

Well, we just don'd doubt that.... be ready to watch her Video on easy make up styles!!

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