Monday, May 27, 2013

Nourish Your Skin This Summer

Truly Refreshing...
Even for Sensitive Skin types!!

If we offered you some delicacies and soothing drinks over weekend, we are back with some more beautiful features. Yes, it's Monday again, and we know how bad it usually is. But, this cool and summery beauty product will try absorbing some of that stress.
Well, we are talking about Dove's new summer moisturizer, which we recently tried and tested, and simply loved it....

Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion, is the latest launch from this brand, especially for summers. We received this product for the review this month. What we especially liked about this review sampler, that it was sent in a beautiful gift pack, making the try and test all the more exciting. Now, first thing first, it was tried by the author herself, and since she has a very sensitive skin type, there was the initial reluctance, the fear of reaction, which usually happens. Thankfully, nothing of that sort happened!

What We Liked:
It's light, gets absorbed quickly. The cucumber fragrance is soothing, and seems to overpower the green tea scent. Post the application, there is slight tingly sensation. Need not to worry, as it is because of this special ingredient, Menthol. Seems, the brand has taken care of all the skin troubles because of summers. Also, we suggest using the same for your kiddos (6 plus), they will love it. It has become the author's 7-year-old girl's must have after every shower!!

What We Observed:
On the product it's written, "Deep Care", we don't know what the brand actually means by that, as we observed that the product is meant to solve the summer needs of the skin. How much deep skin layers are affected, that's a question!!

Why We Recommend:
The product is a perfect solution for women who are usually indoors, as the moisturizer is more that enough to keep the skin protected. Also, you won't need to apply anything on your body for a long time, probably till next bath...

If, you haven't tried Dove yet, you can actually begin with this one... do share your feedback later with AWSW.

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