Monday, May 27, 2013

Skin Needs Tonic Too!

Since the day has already started on a Beauty note, we thought to share one more beauty product review with our readers. This one too is a perfect companion of your skin, especially during soaring temperature...
Cocooning Tonic Lotion, by Thalgo, is a product that is meant to work as a cleanser. Well, this one is a surprise factor with this product, as the first word that you read on the bottle is lotion, and you assume it is some kind of a moisturizer. But, the product is different!!

What We Liked:
The first thing that you notice is the water like feel. Actually, we should call it water only. It is meant to clean the impurities of the skin, post the cleansing step, using a cleansing milk. this means that the lotion works best when you want to get rid of your makeup at the end of the day. We tried doing the same, and it felt like we had washed our face using some face wash.
A Cleanser That Feels Water...
What We Observed:
Those who are not comfortable with a water-based products may not be very comfortable using this one, as it is heavier on your pocket too, so you may feel the pinch. It is like a splash of few drops of water on your face. But, it is quite soothing and adds the calmness to your fatigued facial skin!

What We Liked:
The brand is known for it's marine ingredients, and this one too has red algae extract, which makes it different from others. secondly, the product seems to have no reactions, or doesn't lead to any allergies, so perfect for sensitive skin.

Special Advice:
Please make sure to use it after the cleansing ritual only, as if you will try using it to remove your make up, you make be disappointed, as the tonic is not meant for that. Additional, ideal if you pour a few drops on a cotton pad, and simply dab over!!

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