Thursday, May 23, 2013

Styles That Add Sexy Shapes!!

We haven't covered anything new in our STYLE section of late. But, this one is surely of your interest. After all, what you wear inside has a direct impact on what you wear outside!

Shape-wear from Jockey, at!!

Yes, we are talking about the shape-wear lingerie, which is not just important and a must-have for a working woman, but also for all those women who usually face a major problem when it comes to their bulges, or flabs that eventually spoil the over all look of their outer wear...

Shape-wear lingerie has been in market for quite some time, but not each and every brand does the needful, and we can say this with confidence as we have tried and tested a few in past. But, this is one brand that any woman can be comfortable with. Around the world, almost all of you must have tried Jockey's inner-wear in various forms and shapes. but, what's more interesting about this brand is that it is now available on!!

This Style is Perfect if you Have Bigger Hips & Waist
 We know that you are super busy women, and rarely have time to try inner wear at stores or malls. and, probably that's what this new lingerie portal observed, and decided to bring to you an online store for your inner basics. With Jockey's shape-wear as their new add on, you won't even feel like going elsewhere for your needs as the portal have ample brands to select from. Now, let's focus on the functionality of these products. Shape-wear is usually the requirement of plus size, but if you often wear body-hugging dresses, then this inner-wear is meant for you too, whichever size you have. Some of these products are available in styles that can make your waist look slimmer, tummy tucked in, and thighs and hops will show less of sagging.

Additional, the brand claims that the feel and the look has an international appeal along with the features.

What We Liked:
Don't assume that we tried and tested these, but we are simply judging the product on the basis of their price point. And, that' what we liked, They seem to be moderately priced, not burdening your pocket with overwhelming price.

The collection is starting at 569/-

Fact File:
Zivame is a new online lingerie store in India, and features more than 2000 lingerie styles. From bridal, plus size, every day wear, shape-wear  lounge wear, nightwear and swimwear for women, they have almost everything.

And, guess what? We are soon going to review some of their products out of their so-called 2000 plus range, only for our readers. So, next time you shop from this portal, make sure to go through our feedback.

Keep watching this space for the same!!

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