Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Delights of the Season

You might wonder that our past few days have been just about Food, and Beauty. Well, it's not intentionally, but it's just that we are getting to meet these talented women, who are doing what they want to do. And, therefore, we have yet another creative profile of Gunjan Goela, Food Consultant with ITC group of Hotels.
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The job sounds interesting, because as a food consultant, one actually gets to create an entire line of menu that we as laywomen simply try only when we are dining out. But, is it really that simple? To know more about her, and her work, we reached her home one afternoon, to try and to shoot some of the summer savours that she had already planned for AWSW readers...

Goela has around 15 years of experience in culinary art, which we could figure out when she started making these yum-looking summer delights. Before you start guessing, let us tell you what exactly she had planned. Keeping extreme summer in mind, Goela focused on sharing some healthy coolers from her menu - a nice Pomegranate raita, and Wood Apple squash.
" I feel that this is holiday season, and women can try these easy dishes at their home, for their kids. Also, since both these coolers are rich on anti-oxidants, and fibres, they are perfect for women who are too much health conscious, " said Goela, while she was busy preparing the first one, which was raita.
What More do You Need in Summers Than a Nice Cooling Raita!!

For Indians, and the typical Indian meals, especially during the summer season, this dish is the core of the menu. But, Goela gave it quite a modern twist by adding crushed pomegranate. It not just added the beautiful sweet and sour flavour, but also a nice colour. " for garnish, you can use mint leaves, and some masala, depending on your taste buds," said Goela. Well, it not just looked yum, it did taste great (later when we tried during the luncheon at her home).

Goela's USP otherwise is Indian-Marwari food, and for this she is known and has  received global awards and accolades. although, she agrees that creating a menu doesn't mean that you know your audience well. " at times it has happened that I created an entire line of dishes, and the diners just didn't enjoy, and that's the challenge for a food consultant," she said while she was busy mashing the wood apple pulp for making this healthy squash.
Just a Sip of This Will Refresh You During Summers...
This cooler was trickier than the previous one as it needed the right amount of sugar, for taste, water for diluting the concentration. But, once she was done, and offered us to have a sip of it, we knew that we were tasting something different and amazingly healthy.
Wood Apple squash is a perfect liquid that women can actually relish this season, suggests Goela.

Fact File:
Gunjan Goela’s tryst with food began at an early age, when at the age of 6, she tried making and baking a cake. Seems there is no looking back since then, as she has successfully set up many restaurants for ITC all over the country. Additional, she is a teaching faculty at IHM Chandigarh and WMI Gurgaon. In 2011, she represented India in a food demonstration at G12. And, she is no doubt, a women at her "Culinary Best"!!

Watch this space as we will soon be sharing her Exclusive Video with our Readers...

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