Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Your Key to Beauty

From food we are now taking you to the world of Beauty! Well, both are tempting enough to make you crave for it. Don't get us wrong, by crave we mean, you will desire to look as beautiful as our Model (in pic).
If you thought that it's some kind of a rocket science, then you need to meet Avon India's Celebrity Makeup Consultant, Neha Khanna, who with her magic spell (we mean her skills) turned Swati Kain (our model for this shoot) into a gorgeous-looking beauty icon!
That's what our series "Makeup... Expert, & her Magic Spell" is all about...

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Yes, makeup is the need of the present day woman, Be it a college going girl, a fresher in the field of job, a CEO, or an ordinary government employee. When your eyes have a touch of kohl, when your lips have the feel of something sticky, when that facial skin gets covered with something illuminating, you know that you are ready to step out, and face the daily dosage of work.
And, with this thing in mind, we reached Avon India's store in the capital, to see the wonders of Khanna. We told her that it's the summer season, and women would like to try something subtle. And, look what she created. Two fresh looks that any woman, of any age would love to try, minus pondering over 'How'...
" Makeup is not a monster that you need to be conscious about. Rather, experimenting is the only way to learn this art. No doubt that today our professions demand a well-groomed look at the work place, and it's a simple process actually," said Khanna while she was busy giving the first look to Kain. 
Neha Khanna Believes in Highlighting Your Best Facial Feature
This was an evening-time look, and since Kain's facial highlights were her eyes, Khanna told that she would be majorly playing around her eyes, to accentuate her looks. " Once you know that this particular feature is your face value, you must highlight that only," she added.
Experiment is the Key to Looking Good!
What we liked about Avon products, which Khanna was using while doing makeup is that they don't need much of an effort. this means that they are perfect for a laywoman, who is trying her hand for the first time.

Whether it's the foundation, eye-shadow, or the lipstick, each product is user-friendly. OK, now coming back to the makeup technique, Khanna shared quite a few secrets. Like, one doesn't necessarily need to go for one tone lighter foundation, feeling good in your skin is the best way out. If you are dusky, like Kain, be happy about it, as makeup boosts up what you feel from within. Secondly, don't use lip pencil of a darker shade, which most Indian women do. Simply apply it the outline of your lips, blend it inside, then cover it up with the lipstick that you wish to.
We were busy listening to what the expert was sharing, hardly realizing that she was already done with her first look. Our model was beaming with happiness, as she found the look like her own personality. " I feel so comfortable in this look, nothing is loud, I would love to hit a lounge with this look,' said Kain, who otherwise is a Yoga Trainer.
Just for your knowledge, she was Miss India Finalist 2013!
Next is queue was the day-time look. Although, Khanna started with this look, but we wanted you to see how keeping the same base, she simply changed the previously mentioned look.
Here, one again, focus were her eyes. but, we loved the technique with which Avon expert beautified our model's eyes. Squiggle around your eyes, like a kiddo, then using an eye-shadow brush, just blend it evenly. You get the perfect smoky look. " You don't have to restrict yourself to blacks and grays, go ahead with the colours that you love," suggested Khanna.
Well, we never knew that the technique is a child's play!

This time, Khanna made sure to keep the lips subtle, since it's day time, and she knows how engaged women are at their work place that any bright colour might be a turn off. but, as said earlier, there is no T&C (term and condition) on makeup. If you are in a field that welcomes bright colours whole-heartedly, just go for them...
Neha Khanna with her Muse...

And, here is our model with the expert, with her final look.
We realized that makeup is an art like any other art, which only gets better when you try, experiment, and enjoy. As for Neha Khanna, it is surely her USP, as she has skilled this art of beautification with years of experience.
" Every woman is beautiful in her own way, but there are some who know that it's the make up that can really create wonders, without making them look artificial. that's actually the magic spell," summed Khanna.

Wish to see her creating the look, in a step-by-step manner? Then, don't forget to check out our Exclusive Video on her in the coming week...

After all, you have learnt the tricks by now...

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