Summer Entertainments…

It’s summer time, and all women out their, especially who are mommies, are as usual, looking for interesting and exciting activities, whether it’s entertainment, competition, or fun classes. Look what we have got for you? A personal review of this musical entertainment, named MANA, which we recently reviewed in this gigantic entertainment zone, called Kingdom of Dreams…
And, this feature is the first-hand experience of the author herself, who reviewed this show with her 7-year-old daughter!
Mana is a Fun-ful Entertainment!

Yes, I was looking for an interesting entertainment, to make my girl’s summer vacations much more fun, and so, when I got this invite for MANA, there was no reason to not accept it, but to instantly freeze my show timings with my daughter for the closest day possible.
Kingdom of Dreams, which I love calling it as a “Gigantic Entertainment Hub” is not new to most of you, but what might be new to you and your kids would be their new live show Mana, a beautiful concept that is fairly new to the Indian audience. And, the best part is that it’s not any Tom, Dick, and Harry show, but a professional presentation of a concept that connects with both bad and good, with a perfect visual appeal, especially when you decide to take your kiddos along!

When Evil Overpowers…

Now, first thing first. I reached the venue with my little girl, who was already full with excitement, a little late (most moms can relate to this, how we get late with kids), and entered inside Nautanki Mahal, where the live show had already begun. Post settling in the allotted special seats, I started narrating the brief to my girl who was still trying to figure out what exactly she was watching. While I knew that she would hardly get it, as she was so lost in looking at the surreal characters Volcania, Goddess of Fire who wants to destroy Mana, Goddess of Earth,  Perfagor, the evil force, who helps Volcania in her evil plot, Oceane, the Goddess of water, who is a again the enemy of Volcania, I was simply enjoying watching this drama, rather a blend of ballet, circus, aerial art, acrobats, and of course a story that had a lesson to learn!

Mana, is presented by a French-based touring company, which is here in India for a while to make your summers fun-ful…

No doubt, the show has more that enough reasons to book your tickets for. Firstly, it’s one of it’s kinds as we have no such live musical stories that are narrated via such stunning visual delight. Secondly, there is a lot of entertainment for kids that they will remember, till they share the same with their friends, post school re-opening.

Mana and her Troupe

Now, coming to what my daughter loved the most was the bubble shower, which you experience when good is about to overpower evil, and Mana makes her grand entry. The moment these bubbles start pouring in from the top, it goes hard for any parent to glue the kiddo to her seat. It’s exciting, and makes kids go crazy.
Then, there are these characters, like dragon, and Volcania’s helps that come to you just to awe-struck you! Kids, and even adults can’t ignore the impact that they have when these characters are near you. It’s an experience to relish, and certainly not to be missed.

Mana, and her troupe simply show their experte in handling an audience that is in the theater for total fun. They take your breath not just with their performance, but also with thier stunning costumes, especially of Mana and Oceane.

Fact File:
The troupe has achieved success in various parts of the world such as USA, Japan, Turkey etc. The  show, created by Les Farfadais has been introduced in India by the iconic entertainment destination, Kingdom of Dreams. The show demonstrates the age-old story of victory of good over evil.

Tickets: 599/- Onwards 
What’s interesting, it doesn’t pinch your pocket!