A Resort to Relax…

Weekend bliss is over, and it’s Monday morning once again. Well, how about kick-starting your day with some nice hot-spot experiential? Yes, we recently came revived from this beautiful resort (it’s a hotel though, but with a resort feel), and have enough reasons to suggest the same to you. Treehouse Hotel, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan, less than 2 hours drive from Delhi, is a place to release all your fatigue. there is a lot there that can absorb all your tiredness, and in return, will re-boot you for your Monday blues.Read what our Author has to say about this who calls this travel…a ‘Serendipity’!

Soak Yourself in This Cool Pool this Summer…

“Yes, I would love to call it that way, as I would be the last person to decide to go to a place like Bhiwadi, just to explore some resort, or even to chill out with my family. But, Treehouse hotel made me re-think. I was invited to this place long time back, for the review. But, I just wanted to be there, the right time, with my family. And, summer vacation of my daughter was the apt reason to take a break, and visit the place. So, we (me, my daughter, and my husband) decided to drive to the resort one fine morning. We chose the midweek, as we wanted to see how good they are at their services, when the rush is less. All thanks to Google maps, it was easy to locate the resort, which is a little tucked in, when you reach Bhiwadi. The moment you enter, you are greeted by water bodies, like the serene pool, and the fountain area, right before the reception.  It’s soothing to feel water, when you are checking in at noon time.

Dining and the Choices at the Hotel… Satiating!!

Considering the location, you feel that the area of the hotel is pretty huge. Indeed it is, and we noticed this when we were heading to our temporary abode, i.e. our room. The room seemed cozy, but was damn hot, since they had not turned the AC on, considering our check-in timing was well-informed. Never mind, we decided to relax for a while, before stepping out for lunch. The hotel offers decent amenities despite it’s location in a small town, which otherwise is not easy to get. From a nice dining area, study area, lawn-view seating area to ample storage, the room had everything. So, we took some rest, and headed to their dining area for lunch. The layout of the clob hotel is basic, and so there is no scope of getting stuck anywhere. We loved the feel of the dining area, which is also a restaurants for the walk-ins (the hotel is adjacent to Ashiana Housing). The menu has some nice variety, right from continental, to Indian. We enjoyed this sumptuous meal, and headed back to our room, which by now, was thankfully cool!

Room Interiors at the Tree House… Not our Room, This one Seems Their Suite!

Evening was all about pool. Rather, the right place to feel the resort. Since it is next to a township a lot of moms came with their kiddos to take a splash. When we spoke to a few of them, they all seems to be really happy with this resort, and their facilities. ” Not just the pool, they have a nice spa area as well, and the services are really good,” said one of the moms who was not happy shifting to Bhiwadi few years back, but feels that this resort is like an oasis in the desert.
Now that’s a fab feedback. Since she mentioned spa, and we had already got a call from the spa manager to try their services, we decided to take a look at Spa Hibiscus. Tucked in one peaceful corner of the resort, rather basement, the spa is of a decent size, and is well divided (salon & spa area). This time, I was in no mood to go for a spa experiential, as I was here on a family fun time, so my focus was more on the family recreations. I was satisfied to see that the place had a lot of other activity areas too, like the tennis court, kids play area (both indoor and outdoor), and lots of greens to feel refreshed.
Later, I met Richa K Singh, Executive Vice President, Business Development, post my dinner, at the bar to know more about this property. ” The hotel is a joint venture of Ashiana and Karma hospitality. I’m from the hospitality side, and basically look after the property over all. Bhiwadi is not a travel destination, but since it has a lot of townships in the nearby areas as well, so to come up with a concept of a hotel like resort was the best thing. even for people living in Delhi, or even Noida, it’s a decent weekend break. All you have to do is relax. Unlike other tourist destinations, families end up doing sight seeing, shopping, and other activities, this resort offers one and only thing, which is come and relax,” said Singh, who has worked with properties like Oberoi, and Taj, in past.

Well, she was right, as we did nothing, but simply enjoyed the luxuries of the resort during our two days stay. This travel surely was a Serendipity

What We liked:
The space, the pool, the room
What We Suggest:
If you are thinking that the name Treehouse has something to do with a tree house stay, well, there is nothing like that. It’s more like a club stay. Rather, a hotel with a resort feel, which is cool!