Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bags to Travel With

The month of June has already begun, and some of you were just waiting for it. After all, your travel plans were set for this month. So, if that's the case, then we are here to help you out in some Style Accessory selection. And, what goes the most important in this list, than a Bag! Yes, a woman with her perfect bag makes a great vacation...

This season a lot of brands have come up with a lot of styles, colours, sizes, and utility in their bag collection. well, we know that it is nothing new, or unusual. They do that every year. But, we decided to zero in on a few that we felt would be relevant for you, especially when you will travel to various destinations.
Let's first start with some cool-looking colours. This one from Armani Jeans Color Crush Accessories, is good in size, great in appeal, and superb in colour. Perfect for a destination that calls for some shopping, some flaunting, and some must-have to carry when out from your resort.
This second one (pic below) is more on the sling side, that is all about keeping your makeup basics when you are out on sight seeing, or probably, just on a walk around the destination. If the former one is suitable for all age groups, the later one seems to have a younger appeal, but you can always pick what you wish to!
Colours That Add Punk to Your Travel...

Colour Play With Da Milano

Wish to go for a formal and sturdy style? Da Milano is the way out... the brand, which is all into pure leather, is both formal and elegant. and, their new collection is so full of colours (check the picture). From berry shades to navy to vivid golden- mustards, they have everything. what's best is that they have plenty of pockets inside, which is what you need, especially when you are travelling. The sizes are big, but the bag is heavy too, so be careful in selection.
Additional, these bags are meant for a weekend getaway, or even a trip to the beach.

Don't want to go for colours? Then you also have basic choices like brown, which is more safer. In fact, this is from their latest Woven collection. The pieces seem to be perfectly hand-crafted, just to make your summer trip more fun-filling!
The price range of these handbags starts from 7999/-
Additional, the brand is also offering iPad cases, mobile pouches just to name a few. Yes, that too is your travel must-have. Isn't it?

Enough of some modern styles? Then, time to check this one, which is an inspiration from the 80s. Holii's latest range is a playful display of neons that was so big a trend in the 80s. Also, they have some interesting traditional patterns that make them feel so very India.
Holii’s Neelam range and Aquamarine clutch are prefect to sport the trend. As the brand says that the season is all about going confident with bright hues and having a different bag for a different occasion, while travelling.
We especially loved the colours and the motifs on there bags, but in terms of the quality or even the space, you really need to check and try yourself!

Classic Clutch from Holii

Formal yet Travel-friendly... Hidesign!

Once again, we are back to the styles that are so very formal sturdy and are loved by most of  us. Yes, we are back to the business of leather, once again.  check this latest range from Hidesign's latest collection. Well, this is one brand that has a very formal feel, and most of us till date have used it for office purpose only, but look at these pictures (side & below). we loved the colours, and the unusual combinations.
They are formal, but still can be carried to certain destination. Not meant for beach for sure, but you can try carrying it to hills, luxury resorts, or to some shopping markets.
Price starting from 3595/-

Clutch cum Sling... Addons New Style!
You might be wondering that we have talked about so many different styles of bags, and we still haven't touched the big rage, which is of Slings. Yes, how can our travel be complete without a sling? Easy to carry, and perfect for all destinations, slings are the most safest options in flaunting stylish accessory.
Addons have come with a range of these splendid sling bags in a wide variety of colours, design and pattern. These bags give you an opportunity to sway them comfortably with style and at the same time hand held them as clutches for a classy and sophisticated look.
The best part is that you can team them up with casual and formal attire.

Canvas Travel Bag From Fastrack
And, yes, our travel feature can never come to an end till the time we tell you the new styles in canvas bags. Don't you remember travelling with the classic canvas styles? Each one of us have some fond memories of the same. Well, Fastrack has come up with the Explorer bags, which are crafted in faux leather and tough canvas. From spacious duffel bags to laptop messengers, you can choose from any of these... and, set for your expedition!!
Price starting from 1695/-

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