Thursday, June 27, 2013

Be the Fashionable 'You'

Have you ever tried a wardrobe that is so not you? Or, a dress that never occurred in your wildest imagination? Well, if not then we would strongly suggest you to give it a try, as chances are that you might fall in love with yourself, all over again!!

Why we say so? Of course, we must have experienced something similar that we are sharing with you in this feature. BeBe India, one of the well-known fashion brands, which makes you believe in 'you' (literally), recently organized "My Hollywood Diva' event in the capital, in one of their plush stores. All we (bloggers) had to do was select an outfit from their recently-launched collection, and dress up in our fave Hollywood celebrity's style. Check out how our Founder & Owner,  Dr. Supriya Himanshu dressed up, and what she feels about the over all experience, as a woman, especially as a mom!
Fashion Bloggers in BeBe, with Team BeBe India!!

" Being a lifestyle journalist, with a research in fashion, it was natural to try something new from any brand. But, often I had to remind myself that I'm a mom to a 7 year old, and probably not every stylish-looking outfit is made for me. And, I am pretty sure, a lot of women out there must be facing the same problem, what I usually face, when I go for some retail therapy (I prefer using this that shopping). But, BeBe just surprised me. when I got to know that the event is all about trying an outfit of your fave Hollywood diva,  it just zapped me. I was like "Gosh, not again!". while I have a few Hollywood icons that I personally admire, I preferred to go for Helen Mirren. Her styles are usually elegant, and look pretty decent to her age.
And, here began my quest with various outfits and avatars at the brand's store in the Pacific mall. From a short dress, to a dangri, I tried all. I loved the fact that I could try, as the brand had really good sizes. Finally, rather reluctantly, I decided to try this evening gown. I took it to the trial room, knowing the fact, I won't fit in, and tried it with sheer dullness. And, I got the shock of my life. All I did was just slipped in it, and it embraced with great enthusiasm. There I was, in a beautiful black evening gown. A dress, I always wished to wear, but dare not attempted wearing, thinking that my size and age is too much for it. I realized that a change in your dress does instant wonders. And, if the brand is BeBe, which worked wonders for me, you fell in yourself, all over again. my look for this event was like my Hollywood diva, Mirren, and I knew that I would carry it with the same ease and elan on BeBe's red carpet. And, since I was confidently dressed, it immediately strike me that my look for the eve won't complete till I go for equally great and glamorous accessories. I wanted to look like a woman in her 30's, so opted for some basics, like the round opulent danglers, and a glittering clutch. If your dress is great, one should go for minimal accessories. You don't want the wandering eyes to move to just the accessories, than you."

And finally, our Founder was ready with her BeBe look for the day. You can click this link to see what other online fashion freternity  wore. They all looked superb!!
Dr. Supriya Himanshu & her Hollywood Diva...
So, the feature is not about who wore what, or what the entire event was all about, or what BeBe has in store for you. But, it is more about sharing an experience that you can easily relate to. Yes, there are many who still have to explore themselves, especially in terms of style, as we all prefer wearing what is socially approved, or is considered to be a sophisticated dressing. Just open up to things that may look odd for the first time, but chances are- that's what your 'Style Call' was....

When are you trying BeBe?? Share your experience with us, if your experiment with any style made you fall in love with 'You'... again!!

Fact File:
The Founder is carrying BeBe's black evening gown from their spring-summer '13 collection, along with the clutch and the danglers. Special thanks to Inglot India for providing the stunning makeup. This makeup is in a jiffy, perfect for women who are on the move!


  1. What a funny post.

    1. Thanks for the funny revert indeed...

      A comment coming from an 'Anonymous' has no relevance in the world of women! Wish you had something serious to say, which would have helped making the world a better place for women, at least in terms of Lifestyle...

      Still we appreciate your feedback, at least it made you read the entire article, if not a commendable comment!

      Team Editorial

  2. the last pic is looking like before and after of a makeup.

    1. Sorry, wrong guess!!

      All the pictures of the Founder & Owner are with just the basic make up, a kohl, lip gloss, and a compact..

      Even the hair do is just a tucked in style in jiffy!!

      That's what the feature is all about... discovering your style, sans any effort!!


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