Friday, June 7, 2013

Dance That Boosts Confidence

We thought to leave you amid the greens for a couple of days before we bring to you another interesting update from the lifestyle field...
And, look what we have got for you? We are making your Friday truly exciting by introducing this talent, in our ART section.
" Dance is a Form of Freedom," says Kathak Expert Goura Prema Riggan
Meet Goura Prema Riggan, an American by birth, but happily settled in Delhi. Now, what's so special about her, and her talent. Well, Riggan is a dancer by profession, and has beautifully blended Indian classical dance form Kathak, with Yoga and the newest Aerial style. That's what Riggan's art calibre is, and we realized that she can inspire our readers in many ways.

And the Aerial skills...
We spoke to Riggan one fine afternoon to know more about her profession, her love for this country, and what exactly she does. " I'm an American, and was raised in a family who was the believer of ISKCON. So, for me it was natural to have a bend for the Indian Gods and Goddesses, especially Radha and Krishna. I always had the passion for dance, and started learning Kathak at an early age. Later, when I was introduced to Yoga and Aerial art, I realized that fusing these spiritual forms can lead to something different and interesting," said Riggan.

While Riggan's dance themes are purely spiritual, which involves scenes from Mahabharata, Radha and Krishna Leela's, she has given it a new form that is more about dance, yoga steps, and aerial skills. For those who are not aware of what aerial is all about, then take a look at the picture above, and you will get an idea that this skill involves a lot of strength, flexible body, and above all breath control.

we aksed her how does she feel when she performs dance, which is so very classical. " For me dance is a complete freedom, it is spiritual, and so there is a state of calmness too. But, as a woman I feel that via this form of art, you can suggest what you want to say, Whether it's about Radha and Krishna, or of it's some serious women-related issue, dance is an art that narrates everything aptly. And, what it gives you at the end of the day is a sense of freedom and happiness," summed Riggan.

Well, we couldn't disagree to this face that yes, when you dance, you are certainly heading to something that you want... Happiness, freedom, or a sense of dominance!

Fact File:

Goura, other than being a professional Kathak dancer, is a certified Yoga instructor and exemplifies immense proficiency in Aerial Silks, for which she has received extensive training in San Francisco and Los Angeles . She otherwise hails from the the ISKON community in the US. She has mesmerized audiences with her performances all over United States, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Nepal, and all throughout India.

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