Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Going Green is the Way Out...

Don't worry, we are not here to start some "Go-Green" initiative, neither are we here to run a "Green Goes World" campaign. but, we are surely here to make our reader more aware of the fact that today is World Environment Day, and it is your chance to go greener, if not for all 365 day, than at least for today!! As said, we are simply connecting you to some of the interesting, green things today.
Tree House Resort, Jaipur.... Where Greens Welcome You!
To begin, let's talk about TRAVEL. Tree House Resort, which we reviewed long time back, is one place that none of you should actually missed. It's a Green bliss, and is one of the largest tree house resorts, in India. Although, it's located in Rajasthan, it still has some of the rarest vegetation that is a sheer delight... 
Tamara Resorts, Coorg... Live Amid Nature!
We haven't been to this heaven, but we are quite sure that it tops the list of Greens on this special day! Tamara Resorts, located down south of India, precisely in Coorg is a must-visit place. Enjoy your stay in the vicinity of dense greenery this season!

Villefranche Style Salad

Now, lets shift our focus on some Health, as that's what WED is all about. Some of the restaurants and hotels are going green this week, with special Green menu, and mocktails. This one (pic above) is Villefranche Style Salad, which is only available at Shangri La's Eros Hotel. The other one (pic below) is the special Green Tea Creme Brulee, a special dish from Mosaic Hotel, Noida. Enough of Health Section of AWSW. 

Green Tea Creme Brulee

Avon's Go Green Style & Looks Guide...
Let's now shift to Style & Beauty both. And, don't you feel this is such a special day that's letting you flaunt Green, which otherwise you need to think so smartly and wisely. 

Well, look what Avon has to offer? They have actually simplified your wardrobe and beauty kit the best way. Take a look! 

Now, the idea looks pretty good, but what if we tell you there is still more to try and test? To your extreme right is the sexy Giovani dress that has such a lovely green texture. 
The other two are from designer Wrap Studio, which are the perfect colours if you want to look green, if not eat green today!

Style is never complete till we talk about the accessories. So, let's see what's there for footwear. Liberty has come up with Senorita range, which is especially for WED. 

Senorita Footwear

The range has an array of shades of greens. So, you have something green for your tender feet too... 

What we liked about this range is that it suits the weather pretty well!!

Now, how about beautifying yourself with some stunning jewellery? Yes, if you are green today, then your jewellery must compliment to your over all look. 

Emerald Green Studs From

From Kiwi by Muskaan

Emerald is the colour of the day, and these bold studs from are good enough to remind you of the special day, and the importance of green. 

But if you are one of those who believes in experimenting with some opulent size neck piece, then Kiwi by Muskaan has something for you. We shot this piece with the designer herself long time back, and can guarantee that it looks superb!

Now, since we are done with the Styling thing, there are a few more initiatives that you can take, on this special occasion. If you want your home sweet home to welcome you with some special green effect, then this one will surely please you. Have a look...

Manish Arora's Green Theme Decor for Portico New York
This decor, conceptualized by designer Manish Arora, for Portico New York is like an all-in-one style for a cozy-looking bedroom. Their is a playful styling of various hues of green. From sea green to olive green, you have ample amount of choices to select from...

World Environment Day, is not just about going green for a day, but the whole idea is more about doing something for nature, saving nature, the best way you can. And, we somehow felt that via lifestyle, it would 
be easy to remind and make our readers more aware about this beautiful concept.... 

Enjoy your Day... the best possible Green way!!

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